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The 7 Lives of Lea: Episode 7 Recap

Scene from The 7 Lives of Lea Episode 7 to illustrate summary

The previous episode ended with Léa discovering that her father, Stéphane is gay. Saving Ismaël now would mean she might not exist anymore.

The 7 Lives of Lea or Les 7 Vies De Léa is a series based on the novel of the same name by  Nataël Trapp. The story follows the main character, Léa (Raïka Hazanavicius) swapping bodies seven times with different people from the 1990s in 7 consecutive days to find out the reason behind the death of Ismaël (Khalil Ben Gharbia).

This series is streaming on Netflix.

The 7 Lives Of Lea- Episode 7 Summary & Recap

Day 7: Ismaël

Realizing the repercussions of saving Ismaël, Léa bought a bunch of energy drinks and kept to prevent herself from sleeping. Romane accompanied her while Karine moved back in. However, the energy drinks did not keep Léa from sleeping and so, before she fall asleep, she confided in Romane that she will choose herself if it’s between Ismael and her. She would also stay far away from him when she time travel so that she would not change the past. Unfortunately, she woke up as Ismaël.

As she woke up at 2pm and her parents last saw Ismaël at sound check, Léa immediately headed to the festival. There, Stéphane was disturbed by what happened the day before and Karine told “Ismaël” that she was accepted to BRIM. She also apologized for using his song for her audition. Léa realized that the real Ismaël must have reacted negatively, causing Karine to blame herself after his death. Therefore, she told Karine that it is alright. Karine then passed Léa and Stéphane a drink, Léa did not hesitate to drink it, only to find out the MDMA was in the drink.

Scene from The 7 Lives of Lea Episode 7 to illustrate summary
As agreed before, Karine handed them the drink with strong drugs in them. Photo: Netflix

While Léa panicked about getting high during the day Ismaël was supposed to have died, Patricia came over to kiss “Ismaël” and invited him to get away from the town after the festival, in which Léa agreed. Then when Léa was alone, Stéphane came over to threaten him because he thought that “Ismaël” had revealed his sexuality to Karine. This confused Léa even more as now she wasn’t sure who killed Ismaël.

Getting high

Next, Pye came over to threaten “Ismaël” again for revealing the weed business to his father. Sandra was there watching. Patricia who noticed that things were going south tried to calm Pye and offered him a strong drug. They made their way to the woods next to the river, but while they were on their way, Karine and Stéphane. They made a campfire and started getting high on the drugs Patricia supplied. Léa was also feeling the effects of the drug she drank earlier.

Out of a sudden, Pye pulled out the gun he stole from Patricia and threatened to shoot “Ismaël” in the head. Léa was prepared to get shot, but Pye soon lowered the gun and said he was joking to everyone’s relief. He threw the gun away and it landed in Stéphane’s hand. This time, Stéphane got emotional and pointed the gun at “Ismaël”. He declared his love for Ismaël but Karine, who was worried that Stéphane was actually going to pull the trigger, jumped on Stéphane and Stéphane accidentally fired the gun. They saw Ismaël falling into the river, and thought the gunshot was the cause but in truth, Léa jumped because she did not want her father to bear the burden if he did kill Ismaël that way.

Scene from The 7 Lives of Lea Episode 7 to illustrate summary
Pye held the gun to Ismael's head. Photo: Netflix

The place he was supposed to die

After jumping into the river, Léa managed to come out alive. But seconds later, a mob gang with Jonathan came over to attack “Ismaël”. They pushed him down to the river water multiple times, and
Léa was convinced that she was going to drown. Fortunately, she did not, but the mobsters are worried that “Ismaël” would now report the incident to the police. Therefore, they handed Jonathan a gun and asked him to shoot “Ismaël”. Jonathan was reluctant but still pointed the gun at him. Sandra suddenly appeared and seeing what happened, she asked her brother to stop.

During the commotion caused by Sandra, Léa took the opportunity to run but this only cause Jonathan to run after him. When Léa hid behind a rock, she saw Jonathan approaching. But when she turned around, she noticed that she was at the exact place Ismaël’s body was found. Then it dawned to her that Jonathan had actually killed Ismaël there but Stéphane blamed himself because he thought his accidental gunshot killed Ismaël. Feeling indebted that Ismaël saved her life when she was about to swallow those pills, Léa decided there and then to save Ismaël instead of herself. She calmly persuaded Jonathan to let her go and she went back to Karine and Stéphane, who were already blaming themselves for Ismaël’s death.

Scene from The 7 Lives of Lea Episode 7 to illustrate summary
Lea realized she is at the place Ismael was supposed to die. Photo: Netflix

The end

On stage at the festival, Léa gathered all her courage to sing with Karine. The crowd loved them and Patricia left by herself after seeing their success. After the festival, the three friends laid in the orchard area. Stéphane came clean about his sexuality and both he and Karine broke up amicably. Although Léa knew this was the end for her, she still felt happy because she realized her unhappiness in her 2021 self is due to her parent’s unhappiness. As a final resort to leave her mark, she dug up Ismaël’s notebook after her parents fell asleep. She then wrote the whole story in his notebook explaining her time travel while confessing her feelings to Ismaël.

In the morning, Ismaël woke up with his notebook on him and Léa’s note written in it. He brushed it off as a joke. He then went home, where his father apologized for not believing him in the beginning. Ismaël the tried asking Soufiane if the name “Léa” rings a bell. To his surprise, Soufiane said that was the name “Ismaël” used when pretending to be someone from the future.

Scene from The 7 Lives of Lea Episode 7 to illustrate summary
Lea's last moment: keeping the notebook close so that Ismael could read her note. Photo: Netflix

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