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The Exchange – Episode 2 Recap

Scene from The Exchange Episode 2 to illustrate recap.

In the first episode, Farida got a job in the Bank of Tomorrow with her cousin, Munira after selling some P&C information.

The Exchange (2023) is an Arabic drama focused on two women, Farida and Munira, who struggled in the male-dominated industry of the stock market in 1987. Created by Anne Sobel, Adam Sobel and Nadia Ahmad, this series is inspired by the women who had to struggle to make their mark in the financial sector in the 1980s. Starring Rawan Mehdi, Mona Hussain, and Jasem Al-Nabhan.

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The Exchange - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

First day

It’s the first day of work for Farida as a trader clerk and the first day for Jude in public school. Munira gave Farida a quick tour of the stock exchange, and it was clear as day that they were the only two women there. So much so that there wasn’t a female toilet in the building. Munira still held a bit of sour taste over Farida going behind her back and hence told Farida that her job is to serve coffee and tea. Farida apologized for the way she went about getting the job.

After welcoming Farida into the team, Saud told Hasan to purchase some Mobile Telecom shares at 12.2. Hasan assigned the job to Munira and Farida despite Munira’s reluctance. The stockbroker, Nabil did not seem to favor women, so naturally, Munira and Farida did not manage to buy the stock. A trader clerk from another bank, Khalifa Saber got the deal despite arriving later. Frustrated, Munira threw the checks on Nabil’s table and made a mess.

Meanwhile, Jude struggled in public school. The other children knew about her parents’ divorce and that she used to attend a British private school. This made Jude the target of bullying. The girl who sat behind Jude in class stuck her chewing gum on Jude’s hair, forcing Jude to cut her own hair. 

Munira made a scene and argued with Nabil over the Mobile Telecom shares. Photo: Netflix

Different approaches

After the madness in trying to get Mobile Telecom stocks, Farida was assigned to do a financial report. On top of that, Hasan and their other colleague, Wahid told Farida that she had to look for the Clearinghouse keys in order to clear any trade.

While going around the office, Farida met and became friends with Khalifa Saber. Although they were supposed to be in competition, Khalifa offered to help Farida out by telling her that she could win favors with Nabil through some “flattery”. He revealed that Nabil loves Iranian pistachios and so Farida wrapped some for Nabil. In return, Nabil promised to reserve her Mobile Telecom shares at 12.7 the next day. Khalifa also revealed that the Clearinghouse keys is a prank on new joiners.

But little did she know, Munira had a more aggressive method. She got Saud to arrange a meeting with Nabil and made it known that the men in the room can treat her like a man as well. Her jokes won favors among Nabil and his team and they offered to reserve her Mobile Telecom shares at 12.7 too. But Munira negotiated and got them to agree to selling at 12.2.

Farida bribed Nabil with a box of Iranian pistachios.


Farida was warned to stay away from Khalifa as he works for a competitor bank.

Back home, Farida did not realize that her daughter had gone through a rough day. But Jude’s grandfather, Adeeb was perceptive and encouraged Jude to retaliate against her bullies. The next day, Jude got into a fight with her main bully.

Munira received a pager from Saud after she managed to get Mobile Telecom shares at 12.2. This is an especially satisfying moment for her because she was looked down upon the men in her own family. In the beginning of the episode, Munira’s brother, Faisal is favored as the “family spokesperson” for having a pager. At the end of the episode, Munira did not hesitate to gloat over her new pager, though she hinted at expecting personal pagess from Saud as well.


Munira receives a pager from Saud. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Munira made a ballsy move when she had to urgently use the toilet. She went into the gentlemen’s toilet and chased them all out, so that she could use it.
  • Farida requested for a female toilet, but was laughed at, because they have never heard such request before. Plus, Munira never requested it.
  • Yara’s daughter, Anma was selected for the violin orchestra now that Jude had moved to a different school.

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