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Burn the House Down – Episode 2 Recap

Burn the House Down - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Back in the house

With Anzu fired, they can no longer continue with their plans. Anzu took some time to think about her next step, so Yuzu decided to act on her own. All this while, Shinji had been trying to get in touch with Yuzu after bumping into her at a party.

During the party, Yuzu realised that Shinji becomes extremely chatty when he’s drunk. Hoping alcohol would do the trick again, Yuzu invited Shinji out and got him to drink. This time, she got some information about Makiko’s garbage habits.

With this info, Anzu was able to catch Makiko when Makiko was keeping her garbage in storage boxes. Anzu not only helped Makiko out that day by pure coincidence, she also indirectly threatened Makiko with the information about Kiichi. But Anzu managed to frame her words in a sincere manner where she wanted to be in the house to help Makiko. She was then re-hired.

Anzu approached Makiko at the storage unit. Photo: Netflix

Checking the cardigan

The next day, when Makiko was out, Anzu tried sneaking into the walk-in closet only to have Kiichi enter the room after. At first, Anzu tried to make casual conversation, but when she tried to close a cabinet that she noticed was open, Kiichi pushed her away out of reflex, scratching Anzu’s hand.

Kiichi felt bad for hurting the girl, and so he offered to do the dishes and laundry on Anzu’s behalf. As Kiichi did the chores, Anzu took the opportunity to raid Makiko’s closet. After some time, she eventually found the cardigan, which is the same as the video.

That very night, Anzu discussed the progress with Shizuka again, but Shizuka insisted that they need the original CCTV footage Anzu watched as a kid. Young Anzu had already hidden the memory card in one of her father’s hospital files. So, all they need now is to enter the hospital and get the memory card.

Identity exposed?

As Anzu continued to strategize in the Mitarai house, she noticed some men tapping a card to enter the kitchenette. Kiichi soon appeared,so Anzu saw this as an opportunity. She requested that Kiichi finish up hanging the laundry while she rushed downstairs to find a hospital pass.

She was caught in the act by Kiichi.

Not only was Anzu confronted on looking through the house drawers, Kiichi also questioned how she knew their house faces the hospital kitchenette and how she knew he likes constellations. Before she could answer, Kiichi already arrived at a conclusion. “Shizuka” must have been someone who lived in that house in the past- she must be Anzu Murata.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Young Kiichi once confronted Makiko about the Mitarai house fire. He asked his mother if she believes that Satsuki would burn down the house.
  • Shinji seems to have a crush on Yuzu. He invited Yuzu to meet their dad without Makiko’s knowledge. He believes that their dad, Osamu would be really happy to meet Yuzu.

Burn the House Down is a Japanese thriller series based on the manga Mitarai ke, Enjou Suru by Moyashi Fujisawa. Starring Mei Nagano, Kyoka Suzuki and Asuka Kudo.

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