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Transatlantic – Episode 7 Recap

Transatlantic - Episode 7 Summary & Recap


The Chagalls showed up at Villa Bel Air, asking MJ and Albert for help. The French authorities took their papers, and forced them out of their home. Albert went out to look for Varian while MJ accompanied them at home.

At the US Consul, Patterson kept receiving calls from Ursula regarding her brother’s visa. When Patterson went to check with Letoret, his secretary was not there. Instead, Patterson found the conversation scripts of Mary Jayne Gold and some unidentified men. Patterson told Varian about the script and told him off for not being able to hold the ERC together. Otherwise, he would make sure the script reaches the right person. Albert came in just in time to inform Varian about the Chagalls.

When Albert and Varian reached the villa, Albert came clean to MJ about him already having a US visa. MJ wanted to immediately get hold of the visa so that they could escape. But, Albert eventually decided to help Petit save Paul first. Paul managed to get word out to Petit on which prison he was in, and they have found out that Paul would be deported the next day. Margaux was also unwilling to help Petit. Thankfully, MJ knew the location of some British weapons.

Saving Paul

Petit, Lisa, Hans Fittko, Albert and some other comrades helped to blow the road which was used to deport Paul. using their guns, they pressured the police onto the ground and got Paul out of the truck. However, in a sudden turn of events, one of the police officers turned around and shot Petit and one of their comrades. The shot was fatal and killed both of them, leaving Paul in shambles.

Scene from Transatlantic Episode 7 to illustrate recap
The group planned a road siege to save Paul. Photo: Netflix

Meanwhile, MJ went to the US consulate and got hold of Albert’s visa. Albert was supposed to return after the mission, and the both of them could fly to the US together. When MJ met Patterson for the visa, Patterson again warned MJ to get out of his sight. He told her about the conversation script, and this send shivers down MJ’s spine.


Varian got in touch in Bingham to help him figure out a way to transport the Chagalls to safety. Bingham had one more trick in the book. The US Consul’s limo could bypass the borders without any police checks and so he helped Varian distract a guard while Varian stole the limo.

When Varian got back, he immediately asked the Chagalls to hop in. MJ asked about his plans and he told her that he would drive the Chagalls to Spain, and they would head to New York together from Lisbon. The two hugged each other goodbye, while Thomas was left betrayed. As he drive the Chagalls away from the villa, Varian cried seeing Thomas from his back mirror.

After helping Paul bury Petit, Albert rushed back to the villa, only to find that MJ had already left. His visa was there on the bed. Without hesitation, he ran to the location where the plane would take off, and thankfully, MJ had not left. MJ was very happy to see Albert and thought that they could leave together. But, Albert chose to stay in Marseille. The two lovers kissed one final time and MJ left with a teary goodbye.

The series ended with a narration that says Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee managed to get 2,000 Jewish victims safely over the Atlantic. Their efforts would remain in our memory.


Transatlantic is a historical drama based on the novel titled The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer. It follows the efforts of Mary Jayne Gold and Varian Fry who helped refugees escaped to the US during the WWII. Starring Gillian Jacobs, Cory Michael Smith, and Lucas Englander.

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