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Conversations With Friends: Episode 10 Recap

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 10 to illustrate recap

In the previous episode, Nick revealed that he told Melissa about his and Frances’ affair and confessed to loving Frances.

Conversations With Friends is an Irish miniseries based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name. The story follows two best friends, Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane), whose lives changed when they get romantically involved with a married couple, Melissa Baines (Jemima Kirke) and Nick Conway (Joe Alwyn). 

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Conversations With Friends- Episode 10 Summary & Recap

Talk with Melissa

After invited by Melissa, Frances headed over to Melissa’s place to have a conversation about what happened. Melissa admitted that she used to cheat on Nick first, but she fell very betrayed as she was the one encouraging Nick and Frances’ friendship. Uneasy, Frances was quick to tell Melissa that she didn’t understand what Melissa hoped to gain by telling her that. However, Melissa also went on telling Frances that Nick is much happier now that he’s also seeing Frances, and she wanted to put his happiness first. Therefore, the book author suggested a lunch between the three of them, including Bobbi again to work things out.

Frances was at edge after the chat and told Bobbi that she felt Melissa was invalidating her relationship with Nick. But Bobbi gave Frances a reality check that Melissa was being generous to want to work things out despite being the party that was being hurt by the affair.

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 10 to illustrate recap
Melissa laid out her feelings about the affair to Frances. Photo: Hulu


Few days later, Frances and Bobbi headed over to Melissa’s place to join her and Nick for dinner. During dinner, Melissa brought up that Nick used to sleep with his 45-year old tutor when he was 19. Nick told them that he really wanted to end it but the lady kept clinging on to him. The conversation made Frances feel uneasy. Melissa also made an effort to connect with Frances by telling her she’s writing about her dad, who happens to be an alcoholic like Frances’ dad. However, Frances wasn’t very reciprocal and before she left, she told Nick she finds the whole thing with Melissa weird.

The next day, Frances went for a check up for her period pains and spent the day with Nick. She tried calling her dad but again, he did not pick up the call. Later on, Frances got a message from Valerie and turns out, her story will be published in a magazine. When Frances celebrated the news with Nick, Nick implored Frances to tell Bobbi as the story is about her.

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 10 to illustrate recap
The four of them got together for games and chat after dinner. Photo: Hulu

The following day, Frances just noticed a voicemail from her dad from the night before. Dennis was breathing heavily and told Frances “he couldn’t do it anymore”. Worried, Frances tried calling again, and when she failed, she told her mom. Paula eventually got back to Frances at night informing her that Dennis is safe. He is sick, but he is now with Frances’ uncle.

Bobbi struggles

One night, at a dinner with their group of friends, the topic of monogamy and exclusivity came up. Phillip, Andrew and several other couples brought up that some people prefer to be monogamous. However, Bobbi fought for the idea of polygamy by bringing up that monogamy is a societal construct to promote the patriarchal structure society once lived in. Frances supported in several areas, but Bobbi was particularly adamant about her view that night.

Frances and Bobbi then took a breather outside where Bobbi opened up about her troubles at home. Bobbi’s mom would possibly move back to the US after the divorce and Bobbi is stuck with her dad. It became an emotional moment for Bobbi and Frances apologized for not taking note of her friend’s struggles. Then, Bobbi and Frances shared a long kiss on the lips before heading back up. Frances was seen to be a bit confused by her own actions after that.

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 10 to illustrate recap
Frances listened to Bobbi's problems at home. Photo: Hulu

Additional Observations From Episode 10

  • Melissa is aware that Nick is in love with Frances.
  • Melissa used to have an affair with Nick’s best friend.

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