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Conversations With Friends: Episode 8 Recap

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 8 to illustrate recap

In the previous episode, Nick wanted to tell Melissa about the affair. Frances was uncertain as she falls in love with Nick.

Conversations With Friends is an Irish miniseries based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name. The story follows two best friends, Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane), whose lives changed when they get romantically involved with a married couple, Melissa Baines (Jemima Kirke) and Nick Conway (Joe Alwyn). 

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Conversations With Friends- Episode 8 Summary & Recap


It is Melissa’s book launch and Frances and Bobbi were both invited to attend. Throughout the event, Nick’s eyes were glued to his wife and the troubled Frances. She began to feel that Nick and Melissa are meant for each other and feeling insecure, she tried to get validation from Bobbi, but her friend would not oblige. When she finally saw Nick turning her way, Frances tried to make him jealous by pulling at Bobbi’s hair and clothes. This angered Bobbi who thinks Frances is using her.

At night, Bobbi brought another woman home and they had an awkward encounter with Frances. Frustrated, Frances opened up a Tinder profile and got a date with a man called Rossa. The next day, Frances sent Bobbi an email apologizing for her immature behaviour. She proceeded on the date with Rossa and remained unimpressed by his stories and interests. However, Frances still slept with him at the end of the day.

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Frances tried to make Nick jealousy by being close to Bobbi. Photo: Hulu


Frances had dinner with Bobbi and their mutual friend, Phillip the following day. Things got very heated when Bobbi asked Frances where she went and Frances revealed that Bobbi brought someone home. Eventually, Frances admitted to Phillip that she was sleeping with Nick Conway. Shocked at the revelation, Phillip commented that Nick was using Frances and although he apologized later on, Frances started wondering if she was actually being taken advantage of. 

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Frances admitted to Phillip that she doesn't think Nick would leave Melissa. Photo: Hulu


A few days later, Frances headed over to Nick’s place after Nick invited her over. Melissa was not around. During dinner preparation, Frances admitted that she slept with a guy on Tinder. Initially, Nick was taken aback, but he eventually said Frances is free to sleep with whoever she wants to. Frances also commented about the Tinder date’s poor taste in poems and his lack of skills in bed, which Nick scoffed at.

After dinner, the two headed upstairs to have sex, but Nick couldn’t proceed because he was bothered by Frances’ actions. They had an argument because Nick did not like Frances sleeping with other people when she’s angry at him, but Frances believed that he is not the injured party as he is married. Things escalated when Nick commented that Frances just likes to see him and Melissa arguing. As she couldn’t take it anymore, Frances eventually got dressed, told Nick that the problem is that she loved him and he did not feel the same, and left crying. She looked for Bobbi when she got home, but Bobbi was out. Therefore, she started writing until morning.

Scene from Conversations With Friends Episode 8 to illustrate recap
Nick and Frances had an argument. Photo: Hulu

Additional Observations From Episode 8

  • Bobbi told Frances that she feels like Frances is “disappearing”.
  • At the end of the episode, Frances started writing a story called “The Dance”.

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