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If Only- Episode 2 Recap

If Only or Si Lo Hubiera Sabido is a Spanish drama series about a 30-year old woman, Emma who was dissatisfied with her marriage. After watching a lunar eclipse, she was sent back to 10 years ago. The series stars Megan Montaner, Miquel Fernández and Michel Noher

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If Only- Episode 2 Summary & Recap

After the proposal

Emma got back to her parents home and tried to explain her time travel again, but her parents thought she was sick and suggested that she get an MRI scan. Isa also came to visit and asked Emma about rejecting Nando’s proposal. When Isa’s phone rang, Emma recalled that in her timeline Isa couldn’t join their friends trip to Paris because Isa’s mom had fallen down. So, Emma was surprised when Isa said the text messages weren’t from her mom. Emma then swiftly grabbed her phone and saw that the messages were from Nando. According to Nando, Isa told him that Emma would harm herself if Nando did not propose. Emma was devastated that her marriage with Nando was based on a lie after all.

Regardless, Emma still got on the plan the next few days for the Paris. Along with her was Deme, Isa, Nando and their other friend, Andrés . Nando told Emma he had already gotten pass her rejection of his proposal, but Emma still wanted to avoid her husband from another timeline. In the plane, Emma suddenly recalled that she conceived her twins in Paris.

Isa explained that she exaggerated Emma's love for Nando to Nando because Nando was fighting with Deme because he thought Deme had a thing for Emma.

Paris misunderstandings

When they reached their hotel in Paris, Emma tried to pour out her feelings to Deme again. Unfortunately, with bad timing, Nando saw Deme kiss Emma’s forehead and got angry. He left the hotel to stay with their other friend, Sophie. Isa followed suit.

After that, Emma, Deme and Andrés had fun around Paris and Deme admitted that he is gay. He had been dating Andrés, much to Emma’s shock. She wondered why Deme did not reveal his information in her original timeline. But Emma got more free when it comes to hugging and kissing Deme, which was again misunderstood by Nando when he bumped into them again. This caused Emma even more anxiety as she got worried about her kids being conceived.

Not long after the vacation, Emma found out that Nando gave a necklace to Isa. That was the necklace he gave Emma in the original timeline. Furious, Emma called Deme and told him that Nando cheated on her with Isa. Little did she know, Isa was hearing the conversation and came clean that she did hook up with Nando. Emma made her go through a pregnancy test which turned out negative. But the events cause Emma so much anxiety as she thought Isa would now conceive her twins, so much so that Emma had a panic attack.

Scene from If Only Episode 2
Nando misunderstood Deme and Emma's hug and forehead kisses.

Same boat

In the hospital, Emma kept going on and on about the blood moon, but people around her thought she was going insane. However, there was actually another man in the hospital who was also rambling on and on about the blood moon. He was a jogger who was nearby Emma during the red moon eclipse and had also experienced the time travel. 

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Emma tried going online to post about the vents of the blood moon but got no response.

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