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NBC Dancing With Myself: First 3 Winners

Scene from Dancing With Myself on NBC

NBC returns with a very grounded dancing show, Dancing With Myself. The shows premise is to bring 12 people from everyday walks of life to battle it out on the dancefloor in pods. We see very contestants ranging from kindergarten teachers to flight attendants. The studio audience will vote for their favorite dancers in the separate rounds while the judges, Shakira, Liza Koshy and Nick Jonas, could save a few dancers each round. Each episodes winner is crowned the Podstar and walks home with $25,000.

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Winners from Episode 1-3

1. Tyra Polke (Episode 1 Winner)

16 year-old Tyra is a student from LA. Throughout the first episode, Tyra stunned the studio audience and the judges with her amazing tricks and flips. Pirouettes, backflips and death drops seem to come so easy to this young girl. Even though she did not win the 4v4 group round, the judges saved her after Liza Koshy noted that she carried the whole top round. In the final round, Tyra performed her choreography to Shut Up & Dance – Walk the Moon which was full of tricks, and won the audience’s hearts. Tyra can also be seen in various YouTube videos from top LA choreographers like Brian Friedman and Tricia Miranda.

Shot of the Dancing with Myself winner's Instagram account

2. Keara "Keke" Wilson (Episode 2 Winner)

Keke is no normal dancer- she was the brains behind the viral Megan Thee Stallion “Savage” dance on TikTok and Instagram. She previously trained as a freestyle dancer but after her video went viral on TikTok, she started becoming a content creator and helped promote brands and advocate for fitness. Throughout episode 2, Keke had a tough road battling prodigies, a 9 year old boy named Juju and a 13 year old student, Bianca. Nevertheless, she ultimately shined through her sharp movements and won the audience’s votes every single round, never needing any save from the judges.

3. Jan'Na

Jan’Na is one of the unique dancers on the show so far, bringing in crisp popping and clean isolations into her dances. She came from a humble background being an Uber Eats driver, but definitely could hold her own on the dance floor. Throughout the 5 rounds, Jan’Na had to be saved twice, once during the 4v4 round and once again during the pair dance. The judges noticed her potential and although Nick Jonas said Shayna was leading the pack so far, Jan’Na came up on top when she could mix her style with a slightly slower song in the final round.

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