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You Don’t Know Me: Episode 1 Recap

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 1 to illustrate recap

You Don’t Know Me is a British crime series based on the novel of the same name by Imran Mahmood. The series centres around our main character, Hero (Samuel Adewunmi) who is on trial for a murder of a local thug (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva). During his closing arguments, he started telling the story of how everything happened, especially when it concerns a girl named Kyra (Sophie Wilde)

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You Don't Know Me- Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Addressing the jury

The story starts with Hero in trial for Jamil Issa’s murder. The plaintiff gives their closing arguments by presenting the evidence already given:

  • cell phone records showed Hero’s phone at the scene of the murder at the time of the murder
  • cctv records showed Hero driving towards the murder site moments before the time of murder
  • Jamil’s blood was found underneath Hero’s fingernails
  • Hero’s hair was found in Jamil’s car, indicating the two knew each other
  • A witness testified that he saw Hero shouted at Jamil “you’re a wasteman”, which the plaintiff took as a threat
  • There was a gun found in Hero’s flat and gunpowder residue on Hero’s clothing. Ballistic reports indicate that this is the same weapon used in the murder.
The defendant is then invited to give a closing argument. In this case, Hero had previously dismissed his council in order to make a defendant’s speech. The court reminds the jury that new evidence should not be presented during the speech. In his speech, Hero tells the jury that he did not give evidence earlier because his lawyers advised him against it.
Hero addresses the issue of a “wasteman”. He was a car salesman and Jamil, who was a local drug dealer came into his store, wanting to buy a car. The both of them did not jive well as Hero did not really want to entertain a drug dealer and Jamil kept taunting him, and mentioned his girlfriend, Kyra. On the way out, Hero called him a “wasteman”, because he’s a drug dealer and a “waste of space”.
Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 1 to illustrate recap
Jamil caused a scene at Hero's car shop. Photo: Netflix

Kyra, the special girl.

Hero then tells the jury that the whole story relates back to Kyra, so he starts telling them about her. He first met Kyra two years ago in a bus and Kyra was reading a book. He was charmed by Kyra that he took the same bus every day until he met her again. Hero managed to ask Kyra out on a date and made her spaghetti carbonara, as per what Kyra was reading in her book. The date went well and Kyra invited him on a second date at her place. There, he learnt Kyra’s love for books and how she kept her books in the order she read them. At the end of the date, Kyra kissed him and the two began a relationship.

Everything was going well and Kyra moved in. Even though he didn’t know much about Kyra’s background, Hero started making future plans with Kyra in mind. Bless, Hero’s sister, also got really close to Kyra. Then one day, someone came to the door and talked to Kyra. They seem secretive and when Hero went to check, the man left. Kyra told Hero that the man was looking for someone that lived there long ago. Then, Hero left for work but when he came back, Kyra was nowhere to be found. Hero tried contacting her, but Kyra’s phone was turned off or she was not picking up.

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 1 to illustrate recap
Hero walked Kyra home after the first date. Photo: Netflix

After a few more more days, Hero started panicking and tried looking for her in hospitals and checking with friends. He even started putting up posters of Kyra around his neighborhood and tried to connect with Kyra’s Facebook friends to ask them if they had seen Kyra. When Hero bumped into Jamil, Jamil offered to help look for Kyra in the streets but Hero had to help him hold some drugs, which Hero declined.

Camden, North London

One day, Hero received a call from an anonymous person who saw one of Hero’s many posters. He told Hero that he saw someone that looked awfully similar to Kyra on Camden in North London. The area where he saw Kyra in was a notorious area filled with gangs, drugs and prostitution. Hero asked him for the exact location and went there one night. To his surprise, he saw Kyra in a skimpy outfit getting into a pimp’s car. Disappointed and dumbfounded that Kyra chose this path, Hero went back. Over the next few days, he drowned himself in games and tried to forget Kyra.

After a while, Bless came over and knocked some sense into Hero. She called him out for making his own conclusions on Kyra without knowing the full story. This time, Hero tried to gather information around Camden and found out that pimps in the area were run by a gang called Glocks. So, he went to Jamil and got a gun from him to protect himself. Jamil agreed on condition that Hero also helped him with his college essays. Soon after, Hero acquired the gun, oddly from a young boy. 

Scene from You Don't Know Me Episode 1 to illustrate recap
Hero struck a deal with Jamil. Photo: Netflix

That night, Hero drove to the same place he saw Kyra. He saw a man and Kyra walking out of a building and so, Hero took his gun and stepped out of the car

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • At Kyra’s place, Hero found a book “borrowed” from a library with a cartoon ghost drawn on it. When he asked, Kyra told him that its a “spook”. 
  • Kyra takes liking in a particular copy of a book, the one she held in her hand and read.
  • Jamil saw Hero heading to Kyra’s place on their second date and teased Hero about it.

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