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Obsession (2023) – Episode 2 Recap

In the first episode, we are introduced to William and his family. After meeting his son’s girlfriend, Anna, William started an affair with her.

Obsession (2023) - Episode 2 Details

Run time: 41:13 min
Directed by: Lisa Barros D’sa & Glenn Leyburn
Written by: Morgan Lloyd Malcolm & Benji Walters

Obsession (2023) - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Rules of the affair

William and Anna continued to have sex, and one of those times, Anna said that she would subject herself to William. We could then see scenes of William being rougher to Anna. He pulled her hair and asked her to get him a glass of wine. But Anna established her boundary and rules- that William can only come over when invited.

One time, William noticed Anna’s diary which was tied with a red ribbon. At first, Anna did not allow him to read it, but after another round of bondage sex, William was allowed to read the page on when they first slept together. Secretly, William tore that particular page and kept it.

On top of this, William showed some jealousy for Anna and his son’s relationship. To appease him, Anna told the surgeon something that she hasn’t shared with Jay. It was revealed that Anna’s brother, Aston was infatuated with her. After Anna rejected him, he committed suicide.

Scene from Obsession (2023) Netflix Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Anna pretended to have a migraine in Paris to avoid going out with Jay. Photo: Netflix

Breaking the rules

Although Anna had made the rules explicit, William still showed up in her apartment despite having a text saying not to come. It was an awkward moment where William bumped into Peggy, Anna’s close friend and the owner of the apartment they have sex in.

The rule-breaking happened again in Paris. When Jay told his parents that he will be taking Anna to Paris, Ingrid started speculating that Jay is planning to propose, and this worries William. At the spur of the moment, William lied to Ingrid that he was going to Brussels for a conference, but in fact, he tracked Anna down to a particular hotel. 

He took the risk and rang Anna through the hotel room. The two proceeded to have sex at an alleyway, but Anna was furious that William showed up unannounced.

Sudden proposal

Back in London, Anna eventually came clean to Peggy that William is actually Jay’s father. Naturally, Peggy was shocked. Nevertheless, Anna left when Peggy showed slight hints of judgement.

One night, after delivering a huge bouquet of roses, Jay invited Anna for a home-cooked dinner. The ambience was especially romantic, and Anna could tell that Jay was about to propose. Coincidentally, William started receiving messages from an unknown number, claiming to know what he had done. William called Anna, but Anna told him about the upcoming proposal instead. At Anna’s request, William reluctantly asked Anna to say yes to the proposal; and she did.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • William started showing signs of obsessive behaviour. After Jay and Anna checked out from their hotel, he requested for the same hotel room. There, he looked for Anna’s scent on the mattress and the pillows and masturbated to it.
  • Ingrid felt that something was off between her and William. But when she questioned if her husband was having an affair, William was quick to dismiss it.
  • Anna’s mother is an alcoholic.

Obsession (2023) is a Netflix mini series about an affair between William Farrow, a reputable surgeon and his son’s fiancée, Anna Barton. The story is based on the novel Damage by Josephine Hart. Starring Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, and Indira Varma.

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