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Obsession (2023) – Episode 3 Recap

Scene from Obsession (2023) Netflix Episode 3 to illustrate recap

Episode 2 ended with Anna agreeing to Jay’s marriage proposal. This proves difficult for William who is having an affair with Anna.

Episode details

Run time: 43:09 min
Directed by: Lisa Barros D’sa & Glenn Leyburn
Written by: Morgan Lloyd Malcolm & Benji Walters

Obsession (2023) - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Mystery texter

The whole family was happy to hear about the engagement and they gushed about it over dinner. William, however, wasn’t all that pleased. When Anna met up with him in the bathroom, William told Anna about the text messages. Anna told him that she would take care of it. She also teased William and expressed intent to continue their affair despite her engagement.

After dinner, Anna dropped by Peggy’s place to confront her on the text messages, but Peggy claimed she wasn’t behind it. The meeting was supposed to be private, but Jay ended up going against Anna and used the opportunity to meet Peggy as well. Anna did not seem pleased.

During the engagement party, Anna helped William scout his colleague as to whether she was behind the messages, but it did not seem that way. The unknown person also pressured William to confess the truth before Ingrid finished her speech. It was a tense moment as Ingrid’s speech was full of twist and turns. However, nothing ended up happening and Ingrid wasn’t aware of the affair.

Anna’s mother, Elizabeth also made an appearance at the party. It was her first time meeting Jay, and she immediately commented on how similar Jay and Anna’s brother, Aston looked. Anna tried to get her mother to drop the topic. Elizabeth also appeared to be shrewd. She was quick to notice William’s angry reaction when the engagement was announced, and warned him.

Jay and Anna met up after the engagement party and engaged in rough sex again. Photo: Netflix

Sally Farrow

After the whole party fiasco, Anna decided to take control with regards to the mystery texter. Using William’s phone, she replied to the person claiming he didn’t do anything wrong.

That was before Sally eventually confided in Anna and confessed to being the mystery texter. She found Anna’s diary entry in her father’s pocket and thought her father had written it. Anna then stepped in and told Sally that the diary entry was hers. She writes about her sex life to process it. As William’s name was supposedly not mentioned in the diary entry, it would seem like Anna was writing about sex with Jay. According to Anna, William had it because he found it and promised to return it to her.

Suspicious Jay

All this while, Anna had always kept Jay at a certain distance so that she can have her secrets. In return, he would ask Jay to “learn to love the questions”. Then, when Jay met up with Peggy again, some alarm bells started ringing. Peggy warned him no to go digging where Anna suggested not to.

Then, during Jay’s bachelor party, William arrived and started saying weird things. When Jay started asking more questions, William covered it up by saying that seeing his son get married is different from him, and he doesn’t know how to cope. But before he left, William mentioned that they have to “learn to love the questions”. Jay was surprised to hear that, and asked William where he heard it. Casually, William mentioned that it’s probably from a poem; but Jay knew it was the phrase Anna always used. He started suspecting something off and tailed his dad.


Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • When Anna found the diary entry from Sally, she immediately informed William. She wasn’t pleased at how William stole a page from her diary, but William explained that he just wanted to have more of her. Anna then proved that all her recent diary entries had been about him, instead of Jay.
Obsession (2023) is a Netflix mini series about an affair between William Farrow, a reputable surgeon and his son’s fiancée, Anna Barton. The story is based on the novel Damage by Josephine Hart. Starring Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, and Indira Varma. Streaming on Netflix

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