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The Watcher- Episode 2 Recap

Scene from The Watcher Episode 2

Dean and Nora Brannock started receiving weird and threatening letters from “The Watcher” who apparently watches over their house, 657 Boulevard.

The Watcher (2022) is a series based on a true story about a family who moved into a new house in New Jersey. The series stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale as the main couple of the Brannock family.

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The Watcher - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Motel horror

Dean and Nora brought the second letter to Detective Chamberland but the detective said the police patrol cars did not identify anyone. The detective suggested selling the house, hiring a personal guard or hiring a private detective. As a private detective is cheaper than a personal bodyguard, Dean hired Theodora Birch who had solved many cases as a private detective.

Meanwhile, Nora felt unsafe staying in the house now. So, she looked for a motel nearby where she and the children could sleep in. Dean would still stay in the house to keep watch and open the doors for the contractors early in the morning. On the first night Dean sleeps alone in the house, someone rang the doorbell. However, when Dean reached the door, no one was there and music started playing from one of the rooms in the house. Dean immediately head over to the room and realized there was an old intercom playing music. He turned it off but little did he know, someone was already in the house. 

The person who broke in rang Nora’s motel room from the house and just breathe into the phone. This spooked the couple out again.

Scene from The Watcher
Nora received a call from an unknown person. Photo: Netflix

Previous owner

Theodora did her work and found the contact of Andrew Pierce, a previous owner of the house. Andrew was not the person Dean bought the house from though. Dean then got to work and scheduled to meet Andrew. Andrew had horrifying stories to tell. Particularly, his 3-year old son, Caleb was sent to Mitch and Mo to babysit and Caleb told his dad that he saw men in red cloaks chanting and drinking a baby’s blood. The baby’s throat was slit. Soon after, Andrew also received letters from the so-called “Watcher”. He firmly believes that Mitch and Mo were behind it.

On top of all the research work, Dean and Nora also managed to hire Dakota as a cheap nightwatch outside their house. Little did they know that this spells trouble. Dakota and Ellie started flirting with each other one night and kissed in the pool.

The next morning, Dean’s contractors arrive to redo the basement early in the morning. Mo came over because of the noise and was appalled that Dean is planning to make changes to the house. Both Dean and Mo ended up in a spat and Dean told Mo off for supposedly “writing those letters”. Dean challenged back by saying he would watch them now. In the end of the argument, Dean asked Mo not to get melonomia (skin cancer) and this offended the old lady.

Scene from The Watcher Episode 2
Andrew gave Dean all the letters he received from "The Watcher". Photo: Netflix


One night, Dean woke up to the sound of a gunshot but he did not know what had happened. The next morning, the police found Mitch and Mo’s dead body in their house. Apparently, Mitch shot Mo in the head before shooting himself. Mitch and Mo’s son was there and he was furious at Dean. He believed Dean drove them to do this because Mo wrote that Dean threatened her in her final letter. It was also revealed that Mo had cancer. Dean felt horrible even though he did not ask them to kill themselves. The whole event freaked the couple out again.

The episode ended with the alarm going off that night. Dean couldn’t see anyone outside and returned to his room. But when he looked out the window, he realized that Jasper was outside staring at his window.

Scene from The Watcher
Mitch and Mo's son blamed Dean for what happened to his parents.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Karen could not find out the person who previously bid on the house. Instead, she offered to be Nora’s realtor to sell the house. When Nora heard she had to reduce the house price by $500k, she started reconsidering.
  • Dean was not promoted to partner in his firm. Another colleague got the job instead. This pushed Dean to a dead end as his house loan depended on him getting that position.

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