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The Watcher- Episode 7 Recap

With every episode, there has been an increasing number of suspects. 

The Watcher (2022) is a series based on a true story about a family who moved into a new house in New Jersey. The series stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale as the main couple of the Brannock family.

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The Watcher - Episode 7 Summary & Recap


Nora’s art pieces continued to sell very well but Dean was still obsessed with finding out who did such horrible things to them. This frustrated Nora. Meanwhile, Theodora had to now be hospitalized for her cancer and she grew incredibly weak. While visiting one day, Nora told her in private about Dean’s obsession.

Then, one night, Theodora called Dean to visit her in the hospital. She confessed that she was The Watcher and that the Brannocks bought the house from her. According to Theodora, after her divorce, she had to split her money with her ex but that left her financially crippled when she found out that she had cancer. She also told Dean that she made up the story about John Graff and hired an actor to scare Dean. On top of it all, she hired the girl in the security footage to pretend to be Pat Graff. Dean ended up telling Nora about this and although the pair was furious, they were glad they knew the truth.

This was until Theodora passed away. Dean and Nora met Theodora’s sister during Theodora’s wake and learnt that Theodora never wrote the letters. She lied to Dean so that the Brannocks could have some peace. 

Theodora confessed that she was The Watcher

Karen Calhoun

Dean and Nora eventually received a 2.9 million offer for the house from an LLC and they sold it. Turns out, Karen was behind the LLC. Meanwhile, at the Preservation Society, members have increased. We have John Graff hiding as someone named William, Roger Kaplan, and Mo joining the society. They found out that Karen were also making changes to the house to make it look more modern. Pearl and Mo visited Karen and offered her some baked food, but Karen rejected their offer as she was on a Keto diet.

Nora also visited Karen the day she moved in. Karen claimed that Nora made a big fuss over some stupid letters and tanked her own house’s value. Nora warned Karen to be careful as she “will be watching”.

At first, Karen did not think much of the letters until late night where she received a phone call with seemingly no one on the other line. She tried to go to sleep but woke up when she saw her dog barking in the basement. Although she managed to get her dog away and went to bed again, she had to get up when she heard the dumbwaiter sending something upstairs. To her horror, she found a letter from “The Watcher” in the dumbwaiter. She ran down and saw that her dog had been killed, Then, when she turned around, she saw a mysterious figure at the stairs and Karen made a run for it, leaving the house behind.

Scene from The Watcher
Members of the Preservation Society discussed the kitchen top of 657 Boulevard.


Some time has passed. Dean had started therapy to help cope with his obsession with the mysterious Watcher. However, Dean still can’t seem to let things go. He ended up telling his therapist about the news that Karen had to sell the house at a loss. Dean also went back to 657 Boulevard and met the new owner. However, Dean introduced himself as someone from the neighbourhood called John. 

As Dean was about to drive back, he could see that the new owner received some letters from his rear view mirror. Then, Nora rang him, asking him where he is and Dean had to lie. Nora went on about how proud she is that Dean is coping well with therapy and work. But little does Dean know, Nora was in a car nearby watching Dean from behind.

Scene from The Watcher Episode 7
Dean met Ben, the new owner of the house. Photo: Netflix

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