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The Weekend Away- Ending Explained

The Weekend Away is the latest Netflix movie to drop on 3 March 2022. Based on the mystery novel of the same name, The Weekend Away is gripping as it tells us the story of two friends, Beth (Leighton Meester) and Kate (Christina Wolfe) who travelled to Croatia for a getaway, but only one came back.

Why is Beth a suspect?

On the night Kate disappeared, Beth was drugged and therefore, did not remember much about what happened. Adamant about finding out what happened to Kate, Beth enlist the help of Zain Zakaria, a Syrian taxi driver to help recover Kate’s bag from the two escorts hired on that night. Inside the bag was Kate’s phone. 

Beth took Kate’s phone to the coroner’s office to unlock the phone using facial recognition and found out Kate was having an affair with her husband, Rob. Eventually, the police found out because Beth’s Airbnb landlord, Sebastian, was secretly monitoring her via hidden cameras. To make matters worse, Zain was also linked to an Albanian criminal group, and this led the police to suspect Beth as she has a motive for murder.

Scene from The Weekend Away
Beth discovers Sebastian's hidden CCTV room. Photo: Netflix

Was it Inspector Pavic?

When the police came to arrest Beth for the second time, Beth noticed that Inspector Pavic’s car plate is the same as the car that last dropped Kate home. After an intense chase where Zain turned himself in to buy some time for Beth to run, Beth was cornered by Pavic at the top of a building. There, an angry Pavic called Kate a sl*t and gripped Beth’s hand when she told him she knew Kate rejected his advances. However, when the Inspector Kovac came around, Pavic was alarmed. He stumbled at a rock, fell through the open roof, and died.

Scene from The Weekend Away
Inspector Pavic angered when mentioned that Kate rejected him. Photo: Netflix

The police then recovered cctv footage of a man (at that time presumed to be Pavic) assaulting Kate. Pavic drove Kate home after she reported a stolen bag. Inspector Kovac hypothesized that Pavic made a pass at Kate and was rejected. She explained to Beth that Pavic had complaints of assaulting sex workers but oddly the women withdrew their statements. 

Who is the killer?

The case was closed assuming Pavic was the murderer and Beth went back to normal life. One day, when she brought her son, Aster, to Rob’s home, Beth found out that Rob was the killer. Beth discovered a bead from Kate’s necklace in one of Rob’s jacket. Realizing that she was wrong about Pavic, Beth confronted Rob while keeping the Inspector Kovac on the phone, listening to Rob’s eventual confession. Rob was angry when Kate told him that she wanted to end the affair and to tell Beth the truth. Then, he hit her in the neck and as a result, Kate fell unconscious into the river. Meanwhile, Rob who thought she was dead from his hit, did not bother helping Kate out of the water. He was shocked to find out that the autopsy revealed that Kate died from drowning.

Scene from The Weekend Away
Rob admitted to killing Kate and lied that Kate was begging him to stay with her. Photo: Netflix

The police then made their way to arrest Rob after Kovac’s alert. Beth attacked Rob in the neck and the nuts (as taught by Zain), and fled the house with her son. 

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