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Who Is Erin Carter – Episode 1 Recap

Who is Erin Carter is a British limited series about Erin, a mysterious, British substitute teacher in Barcelona. Starring Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale and Indica Watson.

Streaming on Netflix

Who is Erin Carter? - Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Supermarket roberry

The story starts off with our main character, Erin with her very little daughter, Harper. Both of them left an inn and took a boat.

Five years later, the both of them are now in Barcelona. Erin is a substitute teacher at Harper’s private school. During a musical rehearsal, a boy, Antonio made fun of Harper’s eye condition. Harper’s eyes would hurt from the sun. As a result of that taunt, Harper ended up punching the boy until Erin pulled her away.

Erin then took Harper home, but Harper needed to pee on the way. So, the two of them stopped at a supermarket to try and use the staff toilet. To their surprise, when they came out of the toilet, the supermarket had been attacked by two masked men. Harper and Erin tried to hide but one thing led to another and one of the masked men ended up in a fight with Erin. After the whole altercation, Erin stabbed the man’s thighs with a cake topper, got hold of the man’s gun and shot the masked man in the abdomen.

Ambulance soon arrived and the mother-daughter duo went to the hospital, where Jordi, Erin’s husband works as a nurse. Jordi is very concerned, but Erin seemed more interested in the man she shot. The man seemed to know her and called her “Kate”. Unfortunately, the man passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Still from Who is Erin Carter? Episode 1
The masked robber noticed Harper hiding underneath the orange crate. Photo: Netflix

Police interview

The next day at school, all the teachers applauded Erin as the teacher who saved the public from the supermarket armed robbery. But Emilio (Pep Ambròs), a police officer who happened to be Jordi’s best friend and neighbour dropped by with some weird footage to show Erin. The hidden footage showed Erin very skillfully battling the masked man in the supermarket.

Given this, Erin was very worried about the police interview with Emilio’s boss, Tabaraz. During the interview, Erin talked about the secret footage, but it turned out that Emilio did not give the footage to his boss. This made Erin look as if she had something to hide.

On top of this police interview, Erin was consumed over the fact that Antonio’s mother, Penelope is trying to get Harper expelled from school. At first, Erin tried to persuade Penelope calmly during Penelope’s birthday party. However, that fell on deaf ears. Left with no choice, Erin threatened Penelope with the video she took of Penelope having sex with her tennis coach.

Still from Who is Erin Carter? Episode 1
Erin threatened Penelope with her affair. Photo: Netflix

Another murder

On the night of the musical, Erin was on teacher duty with the school admin and her friend, Olivia. But once the musical started, Erin recognized a figure going outside the hall, and Erin followed suit. It turned out to be the other masked man from the supermarket robbery- a woman named Margot who knew Erin as “Kate”. 

The both of them seemed to have a past and so, they started attacking each other in a classroom. During the fight, Erin killed Margot, and Emilio happened to pass by. Emilio helped Erin bury the body in the woods but reminded her that he needed her help in the future for this favor.

At night, Erin felt scared and went to the attic to get her gun. But when she turned around, she saw young Harper looking at her.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Erin seemed scared that her photo is out on the newspapers.
  • A kid named Dylan in Erin’s substitute class has been giving her a hard time by throwing paper balls at her.

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