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Who Is Erin Carter – Episode 3 Recap

Who is Erin Carter? - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Threats were made

Episode 3 started of with a lady finding Margot’s buried body when she was on a walk.  Emilio alerted Erin and also informed her that he had decoded Augustin’s phone. He found out that Augustin had sent Erin’s photo to his secretary, Valeria. 

Feeling that the matter is urgent, Erin left Harper with Penelope and went to Valeria’s address. There, Valeria was just about to leave, but Erin insisted that Valeria delete her photos first. Then, a group of mafia gang barged in. Erin and Valeria had no choice but to fight them. Right before they escape, Erin used Valeria’s bag to hit one of the mobsters. The bag opened and lots of money flew out.

Although Erin and Valeria got away, Valeria was angry and demanded that Erin pay her back the next day.

Meanwhile, Margot’s body has been identified. Emilio tipped off another detective on the mob, and as a thank you, the detective shared some information on the case with him. That night, some men set off firecracker’s in Emilio’s car before Emilio received a mysterious phone call. The person on the line warned Emilio not to look into the mob anymore.

Still from Who is Erin Carter? Episode 3
Erin and Valeria running away from the mafia. Photo: Netflix

Harper's internal trauma

That same night, Erin and Jordi went out with Daniel Lang. During dinner, Daniel offered Erin a position as a home tutor as he planned to take Dylan out of school. Erin disagreed with Daniel’s strategy, but before they could discuss any further, Olivia called.

Olivia was taking care of Harper that night and the fuse tripped. Harper started seeing a figure with a reindeer head again, and so she started screaming uncontrollably. Olivia is genuinely concerned for Harper while Jordi suggested to bring Harper to a psychologist the next day. Reluctantly, Erin agreed, but not so soon. 

The next day, Erin pawned all her jewelry to settle her debt with Valeria.  When she came back, Jordi had already got a psychologist, Lucia to talk to Harper. Erin got upset and ended up with a heart-to-heart talk with her daughter.  Harper questioned why there were no baby photos of her and pleaded for her mother to join the parent’s tennis match.


Erin and Jordi having dinner with Daniel Lang about his son, Dylan.

Saving Emilio

As this was her daughter’s plea, Erin went to the tennis match and let Penelope win. It caused her to be late to her appointment with Valeria. Valeria thought Erin wasn’t coming and tipped Augustin’s men off that Erin is coming. When Erin found out, it was too late and the men had arrived.

Both Erin and Valeria tried to run, but Valeria got shot. After much shooting, Erin managed to escape. She too saw a reindeer-headed figure before she passed out.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Harper seemed to recall a person with a reindeer mask from memory.
  •  Harper does not know who her real father is. Penelope also encouraged the young girl to ask more questions.
  • A lady who works as a cleaner heard about Margot’s death and was devastated.
  • Jordi found out that the police could not find anything related to Erin’s past.

Who is Erin Carter is a British limited series about Erin, a mysterious, British substitute teacher in Barcelona. Starring Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale and Indica Watson.

Streaming on Netflix

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