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Who Is Erin Carter – Episode 2 Recap

Who is Erin Carter? - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Fight at Augustin's place

The 2nd episode opens up with Erin hosting a party. Harper got very scared of a dear-head figure and covered all her room windows with her cupboards. Seeing this, Erin tried to assure her daughter that there is nothing to be afraid of. She even told Harper that the gun she saw the night before is not real.

The following day, Erin had a lot on her plate. She has an interview to be a permanent teacher at 3pm but had to help Emilio with his favor at lunch time. Emilio came to the school to pick her up and briefed her about the task.

There is a lawyer by the name of Augustin who is related to a few mobs. Emilio needed Erin to break into his house and plug a spyware onto Augustin’s office computer to steal some info. This is of course, illegal. 

Nonetheless, Erin did what she was told and attempted to steal the information. unfortunately for her, Augustin came home just as she was about to finish downloading the info. Emilio asked her to abort, but Erin wanted to try. The house maid and Augustin ended up noticing her, and Augustin pointed a gun to her head after Erin ran to the balcony. 

Quick to react, Erin pushed the gun down and jumped off the balcony into the ocean.


Still from Who is Erin Carter? Episode 2
Erin plugged spyware into Augustin's device. Photo: Netflix

School Interview

But Erin had an interview. So, she bought a T-shirt from the beach and went back to school for her interview. She was extremely late, but the panel gave her a chance anyway. Erin did well in the interview, but Penelope was on the panel, and so there was little hope.

She went back, and Emilio was already there in the house waiting for her. He was relieved when he saw that she was okay. However, they both played it cool in front of Jordi.

The next day, Erin heard the news that she failed the interview. She started cussing out Penelope when a parent, Daniel Lang (Douglas Henshall) arrived to see her. Daniel is Dylan’s father and Dylan had submitted his exam paper with penis drawings on it. 

At first, Daniel was concerned that Erin would suspend his son. But to his surprise, Erin was compassionate and considered Dylan’s act a cry for help. Daniel was extremely thankful and took note that a lady named Penelope is giving Erin a hard time.


The interviewer questioned why Erin left her duty on the night of the musical.

Saving Emilio

When Erin got back, she tried going to Emilio’s house, only to be surprised that the house was turned upside down. Emilio’s phone was also there, indicating a particular location.

Erin decided to go to the place and found Emilio tied up and hit by a few men. Augustin was also there. When she saw an opportunity, Erin fought of some of those men and freed Emilio. The two managed to escape in Erin’s car. But when Erin stopped at a pharmacy, Augustin walked in and took a photo of her.

Seeing this, Erin followed him outside to the street and asked Augustin to delete that photo of her. But Augustin said that he need to send the photo to his people to find out who Erin is. Then, out of no where, Emilio came with the car and ran Augustin over. 

Erin took the lawyer’s phone and they both drove off. When Erin got back to Jordi, she cried about failing the interview.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Erin confronted Penelope about her failed interview, but Penelope told Erin that she did not fail Erin. Apparently, she couldn’t care less as to whether Erin made it through the interview.
  • Olivia was taking care of Harper the night Erin went to save Emilio. She seemed to notice the blood stain on Erin’s blouse when Erin got home.

Who is Erin Carter is a British limited series about Erin, a mysterious, British substitute teacher in Barcelona. Starring Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale and Indica Watson.

Streaming on Netflix

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