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Inside Man- Episode 2 Recap

Scene from Inside Man Episode 2

Inside Man is a 2022 drama thriller focused on a death row prisoner, Professor Jefferson Grieff who helps solve mysterious cases from prison, ala Sherlock Holmes. When a tutor Janice Fife found a horrible secret, her disappearance became the subject of a case brought to Grieff. Starring Stanley Tucci, David Tennant, Dolly Wells, and Lydia West.

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Inside Man- Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Second case

Beth Davenport (Lydia West) showed her text messages with Janice to Grieff, hoping that he would take her case. But Grieff rejected the case and gave her another proposal. Beth would get to sit in in Grieff’s next case, but she could not bring up the case of Janise Fife again. After an internal struggle, Beth agreed. 

The next case was about a missing man, Conor, from five years ago. Conor’s daughter contacted Grieff and dragged her mother along. They showed Grieff a video of an award where Conor was supposedly last seen. After hearing about the case, Grieff sent Beth for some errands. On the way, she was told to stop by Barney’s workshop where Barney gave Beth an information that Janice was supposed to have a call the next day at 9pm, but he did not mention Janice by name.

Grieff allowed Beth to listen in his other case. Photo: Netflix

It turns out that Conor’s wife, Hannah was the one who murdered Conor. After the award, Conor took a train home. No one saw him because he blended together with some orchestra musicians who were there. Beth was impressed by Grieff’s deductive skill, but even more happy when she found out that Grieff had actually decided to take on the case about Janice.


That night, Harry went out to look for Edgar. Meanwhile, Mary went to the basement to talk to Janice. To Mary’s surprise, Janice offered to help them hide her disappearance. However, she asked Mary to give her something in return.

Harry went to a pub to see Edgar and tried to return Edgar the USB drive while secretly recording the conversation. Edgar realized that Harry might’ve known the contents of the drive, and so he denied owning it. Frustrated, Harry brought Edgar to church and asked Edgar to confess his sins before God. As Edgar asked for God’s forgiveness, Harry secretly recorded him, but Edgar was unable to properly say out what he did. Eventually, Edgar had a meltdown and told Harry that he want to die

Scene from Inside Man Episode 2
Edgar struggles as he asked God for forgiveness for his sins. Photo: Netflix

That was when Harry realized that what he was doing is wrong. He decided to tank all the consequences. He brought Edgar to his room and made Edgar upload the pedophilic videos onto his personal laptop. Then, Harry sent Edgar home. Before Edgar goes off, Harry reminded Edgar to stay away from those contents and to always remember his sacrifice.


When Harry got back home, he told Mary what se decided to do. He then visited Janice, but this time Janice gave up her email password so that Harry could prevent Janice’s sister from finding out about Janice’s disappearance. Harry told Mary about it, but Mary was confused as to why Janice did that.

Meanwhile, Edgar hung himself that night. In his suicide note, he asked the police to not believe that Harry is a pedophile.

Edgar's suicide note

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Mary was researching ways of murdering someone in the case where they need to do so to Janice.
  • Ben noticed that Janice’s bag was in the house that night. He dropped a voicemail on Janice’s phone.

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