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Inside Man- Episode 1 Recap

Scene from Inside Man Episode 1

Inside Man is a 2022 drama thriller focused on a death row prisoner, Professor Jefferson Grieff who helps solve mysterious cases from prison, ala Sherlock Holmes. When a tutor Janice Fife found a horrible secret, her disappearance became the subject of a case brought to Grieff. Starring Stanley Tucci, David Tennant, Dolly Wells, and Lydia West.

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Inside Man- Episode 1 Summary & Recap

The beginning

The series starts of with a young British journalist, Beth Davenport (Lydia West) getting harrassed in a tube. A math tutor, Janice Fife (Dolly Wells) who happened to be there pretended to take a Facebook Live of the event to scare off the perpetrator. Beth was thankful and intrigued with Janice’s methods at the same time and therefore, wanted to meet up in the future for an interview.

One fine day, Harry Watling (David Tennant) who is a vicar was just about to leave church when his verger, Edgar came to him personally. Edgar had some porn in his USB drive but his mother found out and was searching for it. As a last minute resort, he asked Harry to help him hide it. Although Harry was reluctant and considered porn a sin, he still helped his troubled friend out and kept the USB drive. Then, he left church to pick up his son’s math tutor who happened to be Janice Fife.

Beth gave her number to Janice for an interview. Photo: Netflix

Finding a crime

Unfortunately, when Harry got home with Janice, his son, Ben wanted to skip tuition and go to a music festival. Initially, Harry disagreed. But when Harry realized Ben accidentally gave Edgar’s USD drive to Janice, Harry made a quick deal with Ben to get the drive off Janice’s hands. But it was too late. Janice had already opened the file and had a look of horror over her face. Ben admitted that the porn videos were his but Janice insisted to talk to Harry privately. She then revealed that the porn videos were that of children.

Harry was shocked but he needed to protect Edgar who was prone to suicide. He tried to tell Janice it belonged to someone from the church and at one point, swore that the drive belonged to him. But Janice did not seem to believe anything and thought Harry was just protecting Ben. Harry was so worried that Janice would go to the police and frame Ben that he tried preventing her from leaving the house. One thing led to another and Harry accidentally pushed Janice into his underground cellar. Out of fear and panic, he locked Janice there.

Janice did not take things lightly and ensured her blood and DNA was all over Harry’s basement. This is so that the police could find traces of her there. She also hid all the weapons in Harry’s basement.

Worried that Janice would go to the police, Harry refused to let her out of the house.

The crime-solving wife-killer

While all of this were happening, we were also introduced to a death-row prisoner named Jefferson Grief who solves cases from his US prison. Another death-row serial killer, Dillon Kempton (Atkins Estimond) helps Grieff “record” conversations through his photographic memory. Beth, the journalist we met earlier in the series wanted to write an article about Grieff and arranged an interview with him. Grieff told Beth that the mystery cases he took in to solve needed to have moral worth that allowed him to do good. He decided to stop the interview early because he did not want Beth to publish anything that would make her readers applaud him.

The series ended when Beth could not get in touch with Janice for the interview and decided to go back to Grieff and present him Janice’s disappearance case.

Scene from Inside Man Episode 1
Grieff had an interview with Beth but it did not end in fruition.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Jefferson Grieff was a professor of criminology, but went to prison for killing his wife. He fully admits to the murder.
  • When Harry told his wife, Mary about what happened with Janice, Mary believed that no one would now believe Harry because he locked Janice in the cellar.
  • Janice warned Harry that she was supposed to have a call with her sister the next day. After that, people would realize that she was missing.
  • Grieff had a case from a Senator who raped a few women back in the day. A victim, Selina, now works for the Senator. The Senator realized that he was getting money into his bank account every time he had sex with his wife. Grieff solved the case quite immediately. He realized that the wife already found out that she was married to a rapist and sought therapy. When she asked Selina to pay the therapist, Selina’s phone read as “the rapist” instead of “therapist” because the word “therapist” was broken into two lines when zoomed. Grieff, however, did not tell the Senator the resolution because the case had no moral worth.
  • The warden of Grieff’s prison wanted to help Grieff. He brought the Senator’s case because the Senator could overturn the decision to sentence Grieff to death.

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