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Inside Man- Episode 4 Recap

The previous episode ended with Harry attempting to kill Janice on his own after shutting Mary out. Little did he know, his son, Ben was in the basement with Janice.

Inside Man is a 2022 drama thriller focused on a death row prisoner, Professor Jefferson Grieff who helps solve mysterious cases from prison, ala Sherlock Holmes. When a tutor Janice Fife found a horrible secret, her disappearance became the subject of a case brought to Grieff. Starring Stanley Tucci, David Tennant, Dolly Wells, and Lydia West.

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Inside Man- Episode 4 Summary & Recap

So much admin to murder

In the basement cellar, Ben did not know what to believe. He did not understand why his father was talking about protecting him, but Janice was telling him to trust her. When Janice noticed Ben had his cell phone with him, Janice tried to convince Ben to call the police. She was also anxious as Ben’s cell phone was low on battery. However, Ben was not convinced.

Harry on the other hand, eventually realized Mary’s call. Mary explained that the email gave away Janice’s disappearance because Janice had no way of sending that email except via her laptop. But her laptop was in their home. So, Mary went back and Harry passed Janice’s laptop and coat to Mary via the window so that Mary could dispose of it. That was when Mary realized that Janice’s apartment keys were in her coat. When Harry attempted to call Ben, Janice kept egging Ben not to answer, causing Ben so much panic and confusion. Ben called his father back and questioned him about Janice, but Harry lied to him, saying Janice had left their house the day before.

Harry asked Mary to leave so that she won't be involved.


After Mary left Janice’s laptop at Janice’s counter, she went to the toilet, but was shocked to see Beth there. Beth had also found out beforehand that she was in Janice’s apartment. Finding Mary acting strange, Beth questioned Mary and also noticed the laptop that Mary had placed on the counter. Then, out of a sudden, Ben called Mary. He was not thinking straight from the carbon monoxide and asked his mother about the porn. Mary had no choice but to reveal that the porn was that of children. As Ben admitted that he was in the cellar, his phone ran out of battery. 

Panic, Mary tried calling Harry but Harry was not picking up. On top of it all, Beth kept questioning her on Janice. So Mary hurried to rush to her home to stop Harry. While asking Beth to leave her, she found herself in the middel of the road and was ran over by a lorry. 

Meanwhile, Ben was experiencing a lot of confusion and Janice realized that they were being poisoned. She tried throwing an axe to shut the heater off but she hurt Ben instead. Angry, Ben attacked Janice with the axe. Harry on the other hand, couldn’t take it anymore when his one hour timer went off. He felt guilty and decided to go into the cellar only to find Ben there with Janice covered in blood.

Morag arrived just as soon as a lorry hit Mary.


Not long after, Beth arrived at their home with Morag driving the car and they saw Ben running, leaving the house. Morag chased after Ben while Beth went inside. Before Beth arrived, Harry realized that Janice was still alive. Worried that Janice would report that Ben assaulted her, Harry wanted to end Janice’s life and called the police on himself. However, before he could do the deed, Beth stopped him. They struggled for a while and Harry eventually pinned her to the wall. Then, out of a sudden, a group of people with shovels were there.

After Harry had been arrested, Grieff told him what had happened. When Grieff was punched by his father-in-law for negotiating his execution, Grieff gave him Harry’s address to look for his wife’s head. Grieff did that to look for Janice, as that was the last place Janice was supposed to be in. Over a video call, Grieff explained to Harry that they were the same person, both people who became murderers due to unforeseen circumstances.

It was never explained what happened in Grieff’s wife’s murder case. After the credits, Janice visited Grieff just one week before his execution. She wanted Grieff’s help to plan her husband’s murder.

Scene from Inside Man Episode 4
Last video call between Grieff and Harry.

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