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Inside Man- Episode 3 Recap

Episode 2 ended with Edgar committing suicide. Unfortunately, his final note did not include his confessions to his crimes.

Inside Man is a 2022 drama thriller focused on a death row prisoner, Professor Jefferson Grieff who helps solve mysterious cases from prison, ala Sherlock Holmes. When a tutor Janice Fife found a horrible secret, her disappearance became the subject of a case brought to Grieff. Starring Stanley Tucci, David Tennant, Dolly Wells, and Lydia West.

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Inside Man- Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Mind games

The police found Edgar’s body and suicide note and gave Harry a ring. They told the vicar that his name was mentioned in Edgar’s suicide note and therefore, they would be over at his house in the afternoon. This gave Harry so much hope as Edgar might have confessed to everything. He went down to tell Janice the news and told her that he will let her listen in into the police’s conversation. Harry was hoping that Edgar’s confession would prove his an Ben’s innocence. When Janice noticed that Mary was at the door of the cellar, she asked Harry about the “agreement” they made, which Harry was confused about. Janice then dropped the topic.

Right before the police came over, Harry and Mary set a hidden cell phone in the study that dials to Mary’s phone. Janice was back with her mind games and asked Harry personally not to gag her. However, when the police arrived and Mary was alone with Janice, Janice requested to be gagged as she would panic. As expected, the police visit did not went well because Edgar just mentioned that Harry was protecting someone in his note, without admitting to the crime. After the police left, Harry was puzzled to see Janice gagged and Janice then made him promise not to let Mary kill her. At that point, Mary already knew Janice was turning them against each other, but it did not seem to register with Harry.

Scene from Inside Man Episode 3
Mary held the phone so that Janice could listen in on the conversation with the police. Photo: Netflix

Decision to murder

After the devastating reveal from the police, Mary and Harry went to the shed where Mary found their old heater. The heater was already broken and releases carbon monoxide that could potentially kill someone. Lost, Mary indirectly suggested using the heater to kill Janice. Harry seemed reluctant. During all these commotion, Ben returned home and suspected that something was in the cellar. He found the keys and unlocked it.

Mary then sent an email from Janice’s account to Janice’s sister. She was careful to write the same way Janice used to write but also incorporated Janice’s suggestions, such as saying that Janice went on a walking trip. After that, Harry went ahead and carry the heater into the house. But he was quick to lock every door so that Mary could not come in as he no longer wanted Mary to be involved. Harry brought the heater to the cellar and said his last words to Janice, telling her that he was doing all of this for his family and Ben. Then, Harry left and sealed every inch of the cellar door. Little did he know, Ben was inside trapped with Janice.

Harry ensured that the door to the cellar was sealed shut.

Last card

Meanwhile, at the US prison, Grieff received his execution date and it was 3 weeks from then. He had sent Beth to the UK for matters on the ground. Beth was picked up by Morag (Kate Dickie), a fake policeman who is actually a robber. Morag works for Grieff. Later on, Morag broke into a house and asked Beth to stay there.

It was also revealed that Grieff had decapitated his wife’s head after killing her and have kept the head hidden. He bargained with Warden Casey to delay his execution indefinitely. In return, he would reveal the location of the head. According to Grieff, after the head is found, everyone would know why he did what he did.

Scene from Inside Man Episode 3
Grieff negotiated his execution. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Grieff and Morag again tried to solidify the idea that Grieff is an evil man onto Beth.
  • From Grieff’s observation, Janice was a recluse but very smart. He correctly theorized that she would be dangerous when backed onto a wall.
  • After Harry locked the house, Mary was forced to leave. However, she soon realized that something was wrong with the email. She tried calling Harry but Harry did not hear the phone call.

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