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Thai Cave Rescue – Episode 2 Recap

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 2

12 members of the Wild Boars and their assistant coach, Eak went to Tham Luang Cave but rain has blocked the entrance to the cave

Thai Cave Rescue is a Netflix limited series based on the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018 where 12 members of a football team were trapped inside the cave after heavy rainfall.

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Thai Cave Rescue - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Plan to save the boys

In the cave, the boys realized their way out has been blocked by water. Eak happened to carry a rope with him and tried diving into the water with the rope to the other side of the cave. Unfortunately, the current was too strong and pushed him back, hitting him on the head. The young boys were quick to realize something was wrong and pulled their coach back using the rope. Eak was unconscious but soon regained his consciousness and decided to move forward towards Pattaya. Morning comes and the governor of Chiang Rai arrived to meet the boys’ parents. Although he believed in science and did not believe much in faith, he still paid his respects to the spirits at the National Park. Mark’s mother was late to find out about the news. She ran over to the Khun Nam National Park which was barred public entry. Although she tried to convince the officers over and over that her son was in there, they paid her no heed. It was until the governor and Coach Nop saw her that she was entertained. Mark’s mother had to reveal that she is stateless and does not possess a Thai nationality.

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 2
Mark's mother pleads the police to let her through even without official papers of nationality.

Multiple trials

The authorities seek help from Vern Unsworth, a cave explorer who knows the Tham Luang cave well. He told the governor that a rescue team is needed because water would soon flood the whole cave.  Without much hesitation, the governor deployed a rescue team along with Biw’s father. However, they did not manage to find the boys. Meanwhile, in the cave, a huge flood rushed through the boys’ place, forcing them to flee in water. Although Biw did not know how to swim, Eak ensured that he was not left behind.

After the boys survive the flash flood, most of them are starting to feel extremely scared and hungry. Eak taught them to drink fresh water and assisted them in their meditation in efforts to calm them. When Eak went exploring with Phong, they thought they hit a dead end but soon found a sign that says “this way out”. They theorized that they have to dig there and so Eak got the boys to all work together to dig through the cave wall. They even conserved their torchlights for digging.

Vern advised the governor to get experienced divers. The governor then contacted the Interior Ministry to get hold of some Navy SEALs. When the SEALs arrive, Vern briefed the SEALs on the geography of the cave and their chambers but their attempts to retrieve the boys were futile. Several Navy men returned with wounds all around their body from the stalactites and stalagmites of the caves. The Navy themselves suggest that this mission is beyond their depths.


Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 2
The boys found an area to dig. Photo: Netflix


In another attempt, the governor got help from very experienced divers from other countries, including Finland, Canada, Ukraine and the UK. These divers made their own equipment more suitable for this operation. They placed multiple lights in the cave chambers as guidelines for their rescue missions.

Soon after, the governor wanted to pull out from the mission as he did not want to endanger the divers’ lives any further. But as the group of parents continued to pray, the rain stopped. The meteorological department also confirmed that the skies will be clear till noon. The divers then went back into the cave and this time, they made it deeper into the cave. On Day 9, the divers found the boys. They recorded them on video and showed the footage to the parents when they get back. The parents cried in relief and the authorities added Mark into the list of boys in the cave.

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue
International divers report on the mission. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • The Interior Minister advised the governor against using the Navy SEALs because they would lose face should the operation fail. Nevertheless, the governor still prioritized the lives of the boys.
  • After his father’s passing, Eak’s uncle left him in a monastery where he had to grow up a monk. Although he did not like it initially, Eak learnt that he could cope.

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