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Thai Cave Rescue – Episode 3 Recap

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 3

The international divers eventually found the boys when the rain momentarily stopped. They got footages of the boys for the group of parents.

Thai Cave Rescue is a Netflix limited series based on the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018 where 12 members of a football team were trapped inside the cave after heavy rainfall.

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Thai Cave Rescue - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

International effort

With the footage of the boys going viral, more international efforts pour into Chiang Rai. Many countries sent their donations, supplies and even manpower to help with the effort. Food and warm clothing were sent to the boys, but it is still uncertain how they will be rescued from the cave. Parents were asked to return home to rest.

A PhD hydraulics engineer, Kelly Suwannarat arrived to warn the governor about the rising water levels. She told him that they have about 4 hours until the boys are completely isolated from the team until October. The governor immediately got supplies delivered to the boys, but even with the help of the US’s MREs, they could only deliver supplies that would last the group 3 days. Dr. Bhak and another Navy SEAL, Baitoey Rsiam stayed with the boys. Meanwhile, the rescue team looked for surrounding area to find different entrances to the cave but the effort failed.

The governor found out that Kelly’s project with the Ministry of Agriculture was not successful. However, when Kelly proposed that she look for ways to stop the water inflow into the cave, the governor decided to take a chance on her. Kelly got forest ranger Pim to help.

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 3
Kelly informing the governor and the rescue team about rising water levels. Photo: Netflix

Multiple trials

Kelly and Pim found a branch in a river that flows water to Tham Luang cave. Although Pim was skeptical, Kelly tried to divert the river away from the cave using sandbags. Unfortunately, it did not work and the water level in the cave was still rising. 

As the parents were sent asked to go home, Dom’s mother did not manage to write a letter to Dom to be brought into the cave. Therefore, when all the boys received their letter, Dom was devastated to not receive anything. Adul eventually talked to Dom to calm him down.

US Air Force Lt. Luke Cole got the help of a geotechnical engineer Jirasak to help detect the the area that holds the most water in the cave that is close to the boys. The idea is to drill into the cave there and get the boys out. Lt. Luke helped Jirasak produce noise in the cave and after running simulations, Jirasak detected the area to drill into. the whole team got a giant driller to drill into the cave but their efforts failed as the land could not be drilled into.


Scene from Thai Cave Rescue
The boys teasing each other about their parents' letters.

Pumping water out

Out of a sudden, Pim recalled that there was an aquifer that might be connected to the cave. Believing that they could pump the water out of the lake so that some cave water can flow out, both Kelly and Pim set forth to Sai Tong cave that is the closest human contact to the underground lake. They managed to pump water out and lower the water level in Pham Luang cave, allowing divers to continue providing supplies to the boys. The rescue team also now has more time to look for a way to get the boys out.

The governor thanked Kelly and Pim for their heroic efforts. One thing that seems clear to him is that the boys have to escape the way they enter the cave. The whole team will need a new rescue plan.

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue
Pump blasted water out from the lake to reduce water levels in the cave. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Navy SEAL, Baitoey Rsiam entertained the boys with jokes, dances and games to help them pass the time without worrying much.
  • The parents were understanding. They did not blame Coach Eak but instead thanked him for keeping their children alive.

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