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Thai Cave Rescue – Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 4

Kelly and Pim found a way to drain some water from the cave. Drilling team’s effort failed and now the rescue team has to re-plan their efforts.

Thai Cave Rescue is a Netflix limited series based on the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018 where 12 members of a football team were trapped inside the cave after heavy rainfall.

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Thai Cave Rescue - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

More hurdles

The rescue team is now faced with another challenge. Oxygen levels in the cave is very low and the boys might suffocate. It was then suggested that the boys learn how to dive so that they can swim out from the cave. Although the experienced divers suggested 3-4 weeks for the boys to learn diving, time is of essence and so the governor requested that the boys be trained in a week. Meanwhile, Kelly and Pim realized that they were running out of places to dispose the water. After getting permission from the governor, they decided to ask a group of villagers in Mae Sai for permission to flood their paddy fields with the water from the cave.

As the team would require oxygen tanks, one of the lead Navy SEALs called another retired Navy SEAL, Sam to help get them some oxygen tanks. Sam’s wife, Meow was concerned but would not stop Sam from his duties. Sam then got Buddy, his old pal from the navy and together, they headed over to the National Park with a bunch of oxygen tanks. Although Sam managed to get the team a few oxygen tanks, another distributor made an error of sending 20 tanks instead of the promised 220. The whole team now prioritized securing oxygen tanks for the divers and the boys.

Scene from Thai Cave Rescue
The rescue team discusses the lack of oxygen. Photo: Netflix

Guilt and pressure

With a heavy heart, Pim and Kelly approached the villagers for their consent to channel the water pump to their farmland. Although most of them initially disagreed as it would cost them their livelihood, they eventually agreed to it after one of the villagers stand up for the boys. Nevertheless, Kelly felt extremely guilty as the farmer’s sacrifice might not guarantee the boys’ safety. In fact, the villagers were extremely kind to Kelly, even offering her food and letting her know that they understand the gravity of the situation.

As tensions are high outside the caves, the divers prepared the boys to learn how to dive. The boys were taught the basics of the gears and how to breathe underwater. During his first trial of diving, Tee had some difficulties breathing and had to stop. This affected him and subsequently, he failed to go underwater again. At night, Baitoey noticed Tee crying alone and talked to him. Tee revealed that Navy officer Aran had told him that his father was outside waiting for him. As Tee’s father works in construction in Myanmar, he usually cannot afford to take any day off. Tee felt burdened that he failed to dive and is yet causing his family so much trouble and sacrifice. Baitoey consoled the young boy and motivated him to continue learning how to dive.


Scene from Thai Cave Rescue
Pim convincing the farmers to let them channel the water to their farm. Photo: Netflix

First death

The same night, the team managed to get hold of many more oxygen tanks although the source was unknown. Excited, Sam and Buddy decided to dive and deliver some oxygen tanks. Before Sam headed off, he sent a video message to Meow telling her that he could not come home yet as he wants to be part of the rescue efforts. He was inspired by the huge team trying their best at the site. When Meow received it, she watched the message with a heavy heart but in an understanding manner.

However, after delivering the tanks and on the way back, Sam seemed to struggle through some technical difficulties with water pressure or currents. Drowned, Sam was the first casualty of the rescue mission.


Scene from Thai Cave Rescue Episode 4
Sam recording a video message for his wife moments before he passed. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • The governor asked Kelly if she could pump all the water out from the cave so that oxygen levels could be restored. Unfortunately, Kelly said it was impossible, especially considering that it was still raining.

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