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The Tailor – Episode 6 Recap

The Tailor (2023) - Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Sparks fly on the boat

As Peyami and Esvet kissed, Madam Sülün watched from the door. She then left the couple alone, unhappy. Soon, both Esvet and Peyami stopped and a man came to deliver Peyami some news. Peyami then changed his look and went to see a sick boy named Omer. Apparently, Peyami was now pretending to be a man named Ziya, and is playing the ney with a few other men, including the boy’s father, Osman.

The next morning, Peyami took Mustafa and Esvet on a boat ride, and the three of them had a great time. While they were gone, Madam Sülün met up with Dimitri’s mother and Esvet’s mother. She requested to see Esvet’s photo to confirm that Firuze is indeed Esvet.

Family chaos

Meanwhile, Dimitri’s father, Ari showed Faruk his new office that morning. Seeing this, Dimitri felt that it was unjust and confronted his father. But Ari just told Dimitri that he has plans and he does not want Dimitri to know. Even more angry, Dimitri waited for his father to leave and peed on his father’s office chair. He then taunted Faruk before leaving the building.

Still from The Tailor (2023) Netflix Episode 6
Dimitri confronted his father about Faruk's promotion. Photo: Netflix

Of course, this made Ari very angry. At night, he complained to his wife, Lia about Dimitri’s antics. Little did he know, Dimitri had already planted a bug in his parent’s room. As Dimitri eavesdropped, Ari spilled an important piece of information- that Esvet actually had a share in everything they own. That was why they were trying to get Esvet married to Dimitri.

The stakes are now higher than ever. Dimitri then gathered his thoughts into trying to figure out where Esvet could possibly be. After a lot of thinking and some joint, he realized that Peyami had been acting fishy that morning when he found the bracelet.


That same night, Peyami again disguised himself as a poor man and headed out. Curious, Esvet quietly followed him in the car. Peyami entered a building seemingly teeming with musicians. When he entered the room, people greeted him as Ziya and soon enough, Peyami learned that a charity has decided to help with Omer’s treatment.

Esvet tried to find a way around the building and eventually stumbled upon Osman. She tried asking for Peyami, but the man did not know who Peyami is. He then turned to “Ziya” and asked if he knew a “Peyami”. That’s when Peyami was shocked to see Esvet there.

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • According to Peyami, Esvet’s passport will be ready in a week.
  • Peyami overheard Esvet speaking to an asleep Mustafa. She confessed that she’s getting too attached to Peyami.

The Tailor (2023) or Terzi is a Turkish series about a renowed tailor named Peyami Dokumacı. After his grandfather’s death, he brought his father to Instanbul and kept him a secret. Starring Çagatay Ulusoy, Sifanur Gül and Salih Bademci.

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