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The Tailor – Episode 5 Recap

Still from The Tailor (2023) Netflix Episode 5

The Tailor (2023) - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Does Peyami recognize Esvet in the dress?

Episode 5 starts off with a flashback when Peyami and Dimitri were young boys. Dimitri’s dad wanted to give Dimitri his horse’s new foal, so he brought Dimitri and Peyami to watch the horse giving birth. Unfortunately, Dimitri could not bear to watch the act and walked away, causing his dad to give Peyami the foal instead. Dimitri was angry, and the next day, the foal disappeared.

Back in our original timeline, Peyami immediately recognizes how the dress fits Esvet, and now he knows. Peyami is fuming and Esvet has no choice but to plead with Peyami to keep her secret.

Just as they were talking, a helper comes in and informs Peyami that Dimitri is in the living room. Esvet and Mustafa stay in the work room, while Peyami heads downstairs.

Almost revealed

Chaos further ensues as Suzi comes in to warn Peyami that Esvet is not someone sent by the agency. Peyami tells Suzi that he will deal with it later, but Suzi keeps pressing the subject, until Dimitri overheard them. When Dimitri comes up to question them, Peyami brushes it off as an issue with a shop worker.

Dimitri found Esvet's bracelet on the staircase floor. Photo: Netflix

Then, hearing all the noise, Lady Sülün comes out. But when Dimitri greets her, he notices Esvet’s bracelet on the staircase. His face turns sour and he questions Peyami about it. Quick on his feet, Peyami admits to stealing it when he was taking Esvet’s measurement. This oddly seems to have convinced Dimitri.

Dimitri even unabashedly goes up to Peyami’s workroom to see Esvet’s wedding dress, but thankfully, Esvet and Mustafa manage to hide in the fitting room and keep quiet the whole time.

Peyami in a difficult position

After all the ruckus at home, Peyami and Dimitri finally leave for their meeting with an English gentleman. The meeting was held at a ranch, and at the end of the meeting, Dimitri shows off his father’s second foal. The interaction is weird, but in a way, Dimitri is rubbing it on Peyami’s face that he “won”.

When Peyami goes back to his shop, Suzi wastes no time and starts questioning him on why he did not fire Firuze. Peyami then admits that he already knew, but this ends up with even more questions from Suzi.

With the constant bombardment of questions, Peyami ends up shouting at Suzi to leave him alone to work. But even then, his hands started shaking and he couldn’t cut the cloth. Peyami then remembers the time when his grandfather told him to follow his heart, and that helps calm him down.

Peyami face difficulties cutting cloth as his hands were trembling. Photo: Netflix

Plan to escape

At night, Peyami returns home and is quickly greeted by Esvet. Esvet expresses her gratitude for not revealing her secret. Peyami then tells her that she has to leave the house. He will arrange for her to go to London, so that she will be away from Dimitri. But this has to be a secret between them. 

The two of them look extremely close during the whole conversation, and Madam Sülün is furious to see that there is something going on between them. On top of this, Madam Sülün had already figured out Firuze’s real identity. She found a photo of FIruze wearing the bracelet in Mustafa’s room.

After that, both Peyami and Esvet went up to Peyami’s workroom to finish the red dress. There, the two kissed.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Suzi tried to question Esvet when Peyami wasn’t around. But Lady Sülün showed up, and Suzi had to drop the topic.
  • Dimitri’ father made Faruk his Head of Purchasing, and of course, this irritated Dimitri. 
  • Esvet later on noticed that her bracelet was missing. By that time, Dimitri had already taken it and so she couldn’t find it anywhere. Mustafa tied a red string around her wrist to replace it.

The Tailor (2023) or Terzi is a Turkish series about a renowed tailor named Peyami Dokumacı. After his grandfather’s death, he brought his father to Instanbul and kept him a secret. Starring Çagatay Ulusoy, Sifanur Gül and Salih Bademci.

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