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Alice In Borderland- Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Scene from Alice in Borderland Season 2 Episode 6 to illustrate recap

The Queen of Spades have an overwhelming lead. There are only 4 rounds left to turn the tide.

Alice In Borderland is a Japanese series based on the manga of the same name by  Haro Aso. The story follows Arisu, a young man who somehow entered another world where he and others had to play deadly games to survive. The series is directed by  Shinsuke Sato and stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as the main leads.

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Alice In Borderland - Season 2 Episode 6 Summary & Recap


After a tiresome combat with the Queen of Spades, Usagi still did not give up. She managed to convert four more red team members into blue (player’s team). Knowing that they’re buy-in is crucial, Usagi told them that staying with the Queen might mean that they survive, but it doesn’t bring them back into the real world. The only way they could go back is by defeating the Queen. Hearing this, Arisu was shocked but glad to hear Usagi’s change of perspective. The whole speech gave those players courage to fight for the Players team and everyone soon converted to the Players team, leaving the Queen of Spades to die alone.

As Usagi and Arisu were now reunited, Usagi returned the little boy the his previous caretaker. When walking about Tokyo, they found Akane’s first game arena which has now turned into a hot spring. Having not showered for a long time, the two decided to take a bath. There, they shared a tender moment as they saw elephants bathing and they kissed. However, the moment was ruined when they saw dead body around them, bringing them to the reality of the situation.

Arisu and Usagi watched as elephants bathe in the hot springs

King of Diamonds

In the Supreme Court, Chishiya and three other players faced the King of Diamonds, Kuzuryū. Chishiya immediately recognized Kuzuryū as person no 3 on the Beach.

Rules of the game:
1. In each round, each player chooses a number from 1-100. The average of the numbers chosen multiplied by 0.8 will be used as a comparison number. The player with the closest number to this comparison number wins.
2. The players who loses gets deducted 1 point.
3. When a player reaches -10 points, they will die from acid hanging in a scale balance above their head.
4. Whenever a player dies, a new rule will be added.
5. The game ends when only one person is left alive.

As each round multiplies the average by 0.8, it is more favorable to choose smaller numbers as the comparison number will slowly converge to 0. Very quickly, Kuzuryū gained the lead but Chishiya and another player soon realized that they could choose high numbers to deliberately make Kuzuryū lose and even the playing field.

Scene from Alice in Borderland Season 2 Episode 6 to illustrate recap
Losers were burnt to death by acid. Photo: Netflix

New rules

However, two players soon reached -10 and died from a gruesome pouring of acid. Two new rules were also added.
1. If two or more players chose the same number, their choice will be voided and they will lose one point each.
2. If the comparison number rounds up to exactly the number chosen by a player, losing players will be deducted 2 points each.

Through deducing how the other players will pick their numbers, Chishiya managed to guess the right number, causing the other remaining player to hit -10 and be killed.

By the time there are only two players left, namely Kuzuryū and Chishiya, an additional rule is added. If a player chooses 100 while the opponent chooses 0, the player will win. This made the game fairer. Otherwise, the player in the lead would just continue to choose 0 to drain the remaining points of their opponent. 

Kuzuryu and Chishiya were the two remaining players of the game. Photo: Netflix

Chishiya wins

But Chishiya had begun to understand more about Kuzuryū as a person. In the real world, Kuzuryū was a lawyer who was forced to go against the underprivileged to protect his large company. However, this is actually against his own beliefs and ideals. This is similar to Chishiya who used to be a doctor and had to prioritized surgeries for more powerful people over the poor. 

Understanding this, Chishiya purposely chose 100 and showed his choice to Kuzuryū. He knows that Kuzuryū does not want to make a choice to determine whose life is more valuable. Therefore, by telling Kuzuryū his own choice, Chishiya forced Kuzuryū to make that decision. At first, Kuzuryū allowed Chishiya to win so that he could stall the game and could avoid making that decision. But Chishiya repeated the same action in the final round when both players had -9 points. As Kuzuryū could not claim that his life is worth more than Chishiya’s, he chose 0, allowing Chishiya to win the game.

The episode ends with our few main characters preparing for the next few games.

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