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Alice In Borderland- Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Aguni saved Arisu from the King of Spades, but this means that Arisu and Usagi were now separated.

Alice In Borderland is a Japanese series based on the manga of the same name by  Haro Aso. The story follows Arisu, a young man who somehow entered another world where he and others had to play deadly games to survive. The series is directed by  Shinsuke Sato and stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as the main leads.

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Alice In Borderland - Season 2 Episode 5 Summary & Recap


The teenage girl who is partnering with Aguni is Akane Heiya (Yuri Tsunematsu). She overheard the conversation with Aguni and Arisu where Arisu was adamant on finding Usagi after this. During nightfall, before sleeping, she remembered snippets from her past.

Akane used to be a snobbish girl. Her mother died after cheating on her father, so that brought a lot of pain in her life. She treated people horribly and even seduced other girl’s boyfriends. One day, after seeing the fireworks in broad daylight, she was transported to this world where she had to play the 7 of Spades game. In that game, the whole arena exploded with boiling water and the whole area became hot. Akane impaled her leg, while trying to get out and eventually an apparition of her mother helped her into a safe, cool zone. She was the only survivor from that game.

After that, she got a doctor to amputate her leg at the cost of selling her body.

Scene from Alice in Borderland Season 2 Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Akane and her friends noticed the fireworks in the middle of the day. Photo: Netflix


In the morning, Arisu wanted to find Usagi, but Aguni wanted his help to kill the King of Spades. Meanwhile, Usagi broke into different houses to look for food. In one of these houses, she bump into a lady and a young boy. The young boy had lost his parents during this process and so the lady took care of him. At first Usagi claimed that the young boy would not have wanted to go back to the real world because it was horrible for him. But the lady countered by saying that his parents would have wanted him to go back. 

This made Usagi remembered the time when her dad told her that he would prefer to die in the mountains than in a hospital. On top of this, he requested that Usagi don’t be sad and continue with life. Having remembered this, Usagi seemed to have a change of heart.

The lady offered Usagi some crackers.

Reunited again

At night, Arisu served as bait for the King of Spades near a cliff and Aguni and Akane attacked him. During the shooting battle, the King of Spades threw a bomb towards Arisu, leaving Arisu no choice but to jump from the cliff into the water. Aguni was nearly killed by the King of Spades but Akane managed to save him. Thankfully, Arisu managed to survive. He ended up in Shinjuku area where plants have crawled up the very many abandon buildings. Then he continued his search for Usagi, in multiple tents and gaming arenas.

As the young boy’s visa is about to run out, Usagi brought him to the Queen of Spades game. There, she was reunited with Arisu. Arisu guessed that she would be more comfortable with physical games and the Jack of Spades has been cleared by Kuina. 


Arisu and Usagi embraced each other after they were reunited. Photo: Netflix

Queen of Spades game- Checkmate

The queen of Spades game is a game of tag. The Queen’s team started with only 4 players and the player’s team started with 16 players. The “King” for the Queen’s team is the Queen herself but the young boy was chosen as the “King” for the players team. Each team will tag turns of 5 minutes long to “tag” a player from the opposing team and switch their teams. This will carry on for 16 rounds. The Kings, however could not switch team. The team with the least number of players will die.

When the game starts, the Queen’s team waste no time getting new members. The Queen herself would also protect the converted players from converting back through combat. They did not stop there. The Queen’s members also convinced the players to join their team because winning on the Queen’s team would mean staying in the Queen of Spades arena forever. Therefore, they won’t be hunted by the King of Spades and will not need to participate in other games. 

By the end of the 11th round, only Arisu, Usagi and the little boy remained in the player’s team. Although victory is definitely in the Queen’s hand, she was greedy and wanted Arisu on her team. When everyone started chasing Arisu on the 13th round, Usagi noticed that they were targeting him. So, she went up against the Queen to protect Arisu.

The Queen of Spades

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Aguni sees hallucinations of  his friend, the Mad Hatter who he betrayed in Season 1
  • Ann tried to get out of Tokyo, but couldn’t seem to do so. Her compass went haywire once she reached the border and the area turned into mountains.

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