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Alice In Borderland Season 2 – Joker Card Explained

Alice In Borderland - Season 2 : The Joker card

Our long awaited series has finally come to an end. The last episode of Season 2 explained the what the Borderland world is and what had happened in real life. If you had missed that, read the recap of the final episode here.

However, the season ended with a deck of playing cards on the table which was blown by the wind. In the end, it revealed a Joker card. Suspenseful music started to play and the credits rolled. There are several theories behind what the joker card signified, so we have gathered the top 3 explanations here below.

1. The intermediator between life and death

This is thought to be the most likely theory for the Joker. Although the Joker being was not shown in the series, it actually made an appearance in the original manga. The Joker appeared after the players defeated the Queen of Hearts and had refused the permanent residency in Borderland. This unknown being was thought to be the controller of the Borderland and was responsible for shipping our players back to reality after they completed the game.

More details are available here.

Joker as seen in the manga. Credits:

2. The final game of life

As each card in a 52-card playing deck represent a game, it’s only natural to assume that the Joker card also represented a game. In this theory, the final game here would be the game of life. Now that players have completed the Borderland games and have returned to reality, they have to face the final game which will bring them to their eventual death in reality- life itself.

This theory resonates with the theme of Borderland where the players question the purpose of life, learn to value life more and learn that they should do things differently after their experience in the Borderland. It is also mentioned in the series that life is like a game.

3. Potential Season 3

Alice in Borderland fans had been waiting for 2 years for the release of Season 2. Therefore, when a scene like the Joker card showed up, it is natural to anticipate that this may be a hint from Shinsuke Sato and his team for a third season. Perhaps Arisu and our players will find themselves in another game? Or perhaps another universe of player stuck in the Borderland may occur from another meteorite?

The possibilities are endless and it is up to the creativity of the team to build on from the current storyline, should this theory be true. Nevertheless, the current ending was already done in a poignant way which would not need another season. But if there’s an interesting story for Season 3, why not?

Arisu and Usagi met again in real life after returning to reality.

Alice In Borderland is a Japanese series based on the manga of the same name by  Haro Aso. The story follows Arisu, a young man who somehow entered another world where he and others had to play deadly games to survive. The series is directed by  Shinsuke Sato and stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as the main leads.

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