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Alice In Borderland- Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode, our players have cleared the Queen of Spades and the King of Diamonds.

Alice In Borderland is a Japanese series based on the manga of the same name by  Haro Aso. The story follows Arisu, a young man who somehow entered another world where he and others had to play deadly games to survive. The series is directed by  Shinsuke Sato and stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as the main leads.

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Alice In Borderland - Season 2 Episode 7 Summary & Recap


Time has passed and the other players have also helped clear a lot of the face card games. In one of those games, Kuina and Ann were reunited. Now, there were only two games left: the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts. Arisu got hold of a gun to protect himself and Usagi from the King of Spades. On the way back, he bumped into Chishiya and a few moments later, Niragi appeared with a gun.

Niragi, who was already at a brink of death wanted to play another deadly game with Arisu and Chishiya where they tried to kill each other. Niragi even forced the two to take part by starting to shoot at them. Although Arisu eventually wanted to give in and stopped the shooting, Niragi forced his hand when Niragi started shooting at Usagi who just arrived at the scene. Arisu shot Niragi in the chest but Niragi managed to shoot too; but Chishiya stepped in to take the bullet for Usagi.

Chishiya took the bullet to protect Usagi.

King of Spades again

Before the two could even properly attend to Chishiya, the King of Spades arrived with his endless bullets. After a long chase together with multiple other players, Arisu and Usagi bumped into Ann and Kuina, but they could not bring themselves to reveal Chishiya’s death. Akane Heiya and Aguni soon arrived at the scene too, and the six teamed up. They strategized to get the King of Spades into a drugstore where they could blow him up with a bomb Chishiya previously made for Kuina.

Therefore, Arisu filled the drugstore full of aerosol while the others baited the King of Spades there. Outside the alley of the drugstore, everyone played their part to fight the King of Spades as much as possible. Ann got a few bullets in, but it did not faze the King who was wearing a bulletproof vest. When the King was ready to shoot Aguni who he managed to beat up, Heiya stepped in and was shot multiple times in front of Aguni. Ann was shot several times as well.

Scene from Alice in Borderland Season 2 Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Heiya pointed the gun at herself to spare Aguni

Final battle against the King

Angry, Aguni charged at the King and managed to remove some of his bullets and guns. But eventually the King was stronger and managed to shoot Aguni instead. Kuina stepped in but was stabbed repeatedly in the stomach by the King’s knife. Usagi was also stabbed on her legs when she jumped on the King’s shoulders to prevent him from stabbing Kuina. During his last moments, Aguni managed to reload a pistol with a bullet and shot at the King. But unfortunately, he was slower than the King who shot him in the shoulder instead.

Just when the King was about to head over to finish off Usagi, Arisu came out and shot at the King. He lured the King into the drugstore but the King found it suspicious when he reached the backdoor of the drugstore. Just when he was about to go back, Aguni managed to get back up on his feet and pushed the King and himself in. Arisu grabbed Aguni and the two jumped out through the glass window. In the process, Arisu threw the bomb at the King and Aguni shot the can of the bomb causing a massive explosion. 


Aguni finished off the King of Spades.

After that, Aguni found the severely injured King who then passed him a pistol to finish him off. Aguni shot the King, therefore clearing the game. After that, Aguni wanted to kill himself but he saw an apparition of the Mad Hatter that asked him to continue with life and freed Aguni from the guilt of killing his best friend.

The aftermath

Ann died from the battle with the King of Spades while the rest (Kuina, Aguni, Heiya, Chishiya) were severely wounded. Soon after, an announcement was made that asked any players who wished to participate in the final game with the Queen of Hearts to register immediately. Arisu and Usagi who did not suffer any bullet wounds went ahead. At the final game arena, they were greeted by Mira, the beach executive from Season 1 who is also the Queen of Hearts.

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