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Black Bird (2022): Episode 2 Recap

Scene from Black Bird Episode 2 to illustrate recap

Black Bird (2022) is a crime drama miniseries based on the autobiographical novel In with the Devil: a Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption by James Keene. The series spans 6 episodes and tells the story of James “Jimmy” Keene (Taron Egerton) as he helped the authorities find the hidden body of a murder victim of Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser) in exchange for his freedom.

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Black Bird (2022)- Episode 2 Summary & Recap


The flashback continues where Detective Brian questioned Larry Hall on his dreams of killing women. Larry described it as looking at himself kill as a third person. Then, when Brian brought up a photo of Jessica Roach, Larry started fidgeting and requested to go home. Once again the Indiana police, Russ and Chris told Brian that Larry was not the killer. He just likes to talk big.

Soon after, Larry was brought in got another interview with Brian and Agent Mark Ellenberg. During the interview, Larry refused to go through a polygraph test, claiming he would fail it. Mark then showed Larry the picture of Jessica again and told Larry that the girl appeared in his reality, and not in his dreams. Larry then calmly confessed to meeting Jessica when she was on her bike on day. He claimed that she was sad when she was in her van and also that he did not have time to bury the body, unlike the others.

Scene from Black Bird Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Larry interoggated by Agent Mark

Mark the asked Larry how many victims there were, and Larry said there were a few. He also claimed that he killed Tricia Reitler, and that the man the police caught was trying to take credit for his work. Larry then went on saying that he was the one who folded Tricia’s clothes after breaking her zip. Realizing the information on Tricia Reitler’s clothes were not public information, Mark typed out a confession letter and asked Larry to sign it. Larry took a look at it and asked if that was what he did, to which Mark replied “yes”. Then, Larry signed the confession.


Larry was eventually arrested. On the drive to prison, Brian tried talking to Larry, but Larry accused the police of coercing him to sign a confession letter. Larry said he was trying to tell them that all he was talking about was just his dreams. On top of this, Larry revealed that Gary, his twin brother got him a lawyer and he was advised not to speak about the matter anymore.

In court, the defense attorney claimed that the intimidating police forced Larry to sign the confession against his will. They also claimed that Larry was not in the right mental state during the confession, and that can be seen through his signature on the confession letter, where Larry signed in block letters “Larry DeWayne Daniels”. The judge seemed to take into account this fact in hand. Beaumont was then seen telling Lauren that they have a month left to build another case against Larry Hall.

Scene from Black Bird Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Larry claimed that he was coerced into signing the letter

Training and mission

Meanwhile, in the present day, Jimmy was pushed by Lauren to prepare for facing Larry Hall. Lauren even revealed that Beaumont wanted to choose another guy instead of Jimmy, but this made Jimmy open up more, especially about his parent’s divorce. As a result, Jimmy studied more and got better at answering the questions Lauren posed to him. One day, Lauren revealed that Jimmy was hired and they had to immediately leave on a plane to Missouri. Nevertheless, Jimmy was warned not to add any more time to his sentence as that would supersede their deal. Once they land, Lauren told Jimmy that she will see him in about a month where she will pretend to be his girlfriend.

When Jimmy reached the Springfield prison in a van, he almost decided against the mission, but eventually went through with it. Jimmy went through the normal procedures of entering the prison and had a meal in the cafeteria where he observed the other inmates. Meanwhile, Larry was asked to help inspect the boiler room and told the warden that the boiler is messed up because it was neglected. when Larry went back to his cell at night, Jimmy saw Larry for the first time.

Scene from Black Bird Episode 2 to illustrate recap
Jimmy's first meal at Springfield prison

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • When Jimmy asked Lauren about the manner of Jessica Roach’s death, Lauren could only tell him that she was strangled, but not the full manner at which she was killed.
  • Lauren advised Jimmy to think about the time he was eight when he faces Larry Hall.
  • Larry Hall confessed to Agent Mark that he wanted a woman to love him, but it did not seem possible because women did not like him.
  • Jimmy’s father went blind in the eye for a week, but did not tell that to Jimmy. After Jimmy was sent to Springfield, he tried calling the prison Jimmy was supposed to be in, but was shocked that Jimmy had transferred.

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