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Fool Me Once- Episode 8 Recap

Fool Me Once- Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Who killed Joe Burkett?

After Claire’s death, Maya began suspecting Joe when she realized that Joe did not show much reaction to the death. Maya then asked Shane’s help to check Claire’s bullets against the Glock 17 in her house, and it matched. As only Joe and Maya had access to the gun, this means that Joe was the one who killed Claire.

Before meeting him at the park, Maya swapped the Glock 17 in her house with a deactivated gun and took the working gun. When she confronted Joe in the park, Joe attempted to shoot her with the Glock 17, but the gun did not work. Realizing that Joe is actually a cold-hearted killer, Maya shot Joe instead.

Back in the present moment, Maya told Shane everything and got his help to drop Luka and Izabella off.

Meanwhile, Rambo had also told Kierce that Maya was the one who killed Joe. Although Maya had swapped cars with Eddie, Kierce managed to eventually track her down in her own house and arrested her.

Maya was willing to go to prison, but she talked to Detective Kierce so that she has a final chance to reveal to the world what the Burketts had done.

Maya pointing the gun at Joe after Joe tried to shoot her. Photo: Netflix

Confrontation with the Burketts

That night, after a meeting on Burkett Pharmaceuticals future, Judith, Caroline and Neil went into their reading room, only to find Maya there with a gun. Maya told Judith that she knew everything. Judith was trying to make Maya go crazy. She got Izabella to deepfake the video of Joe and asked Caroline to feed Maya lies about the Burketts paying off Detective Kierce.

However, Judith was still convinced that Maya was the one who killed Joe. And Maya admitted that she did. But Judith was so sure because Maya had a motive- Judith knew that Joe was the one who killed Claire.

 Maya then threatened to reveal everything about their pharma unethical practices to the world. That was when Judith tried to change her tune. She wanted to strike a deal with Maya where they pin all the blame on Joe.

But hearing all this, Neil got upset, took the gun on the table and shot Maya to her death. But as Maya drew her final breath, she pointed at the digital photograph, and it took a few minutes before Judith realizes what was going on. Everything was livestreamed on Corey’s website. Kierce has gotten to Corey to help set this up.


Watching the livestream, Detective Kierce and Corey were shocked to see Maya shot dead. But Kierce knew that Maya had predicted all of this. After killing innocent civilians and her own husband, it was difficult for her to live on.

The series ended after 18 years where Detective Kierce is still alive with a healthy son. He visited Lily in the hospital after she had just given birth to a baby daughter. All this while, Eddie had taken care of Lily like her own daughter and Shane has also helped look after her. Lily decided to name her newborn child Maya.


Fool Me Once is a British limited series adapted from Harlan Coben’s 2016 novel of the same name. It follows a newly-widowed lady named Maya Stern who caught her dead husband on a nanny cam. Starring Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage and Adeel Akhtar.

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