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Fool Me Once- Episode 6 Recap

Still from Fool me Once Episode 6

Fool Me Once- Episode 6 Summary & Recap

Hunt for Christopher Swain

Episode 6 begins with Detective Kierce receiving a call. Maya has reported Tommy Dark’s body, but she lied. She told the police that she got an anonymous tip to find Tommy there, and that she found the body herself, omitting from the fact that Corey was there. 

Kierce immediately questioned how death seems to follow Maya, but Maya questioned him back on receiving bribes from the Burketts. Kierce was perplexed and showed her how frugally he lives. The police however took Maya’s car for investigation.

After all this fiasco, Maya went to Eddie’s place to pick up Lily. When she had a chat with Eddie about Christopher Swain, Joe and Andrew’s school friend, Eddie saw Christopher’s photo, and by sheer luck, he knew where the photo was taken. It led Maya to a building, but unfortunately, Christopher wasn’t there. A neighbour told her that he typically drinks and intoxicates himself and then go off to a rehab.

Marty knew Maya was lying to the police when he found footage of her and Corey. Photo: Netflix

How did Maya find Christopher Swain?

On Detective Kierce’s side, Marty has grown more concerned of Kierce’s condition and did not want him driving around. After taking Marty’s advice, Detective Kierce also opened up to his peer group and to Molly about his condition. Molly took it well and sees things positively.

On the same day, Maya got a call from Caroline that she had seen Joe. But before Maya could ask any more questions, the call was cut. Maya tried calling back but there was only a silent breath on the other side of the line.

As usual, Maya also got Shane to help check on Christopher Swain. Shane found out that Christopher is in rehab and his rich parents cover up his drink-and-drive crimes. Therefore, Maya headed over to the Burketts’ and asked for Judith’s help to locate a posh rehab centre. Judith did give her a place, but she again stresses that Maya needs psychological help.

During the visit, Maya placed a tracker on Izabella’s car.

Hacking job

At the police station, reports came out that a rare blood type was found in Maya’s car. The police also found cctv footage of Corey. As all evidence points to Maya, the ex-military officer was brought in for questioning. Maya eventually admitted about Corey’s involvement.

As Maya headed towards the rehab, Detective Kierce and Marty found out that someone from the military looked into Claire’s bullets. Kierce believes that it was Shane. Just as they were talking, the whole police IT system was hacked by Corey, and so, Kierce had to start looking for the guy in the woods, where Maya revealed was Corey’s hideout. When Kierce got to the place, he was being watched via hidden cameras.

Meanwhile, Maya found Christopher Swain in Judith’s suggested rehab. Maya did not hesitate revealing that she was Joe’s wife, and immediately, Christopher was wary. According to Christopher, Joe was the one who killed Andrew.

Additional Observations From Episode 6

  • Eddie got Abby and Dan to meet their half-brother, Louis. He even promised Louis to get him in touch with his biological father.
  • Pam revealed that Kierce’s first fiancée was murdered and Kierce fell into alcoholism right after.

Fool Me Once is a British limited series adapted from Harlan Coben’s 2016 novel of the same name. It follows a newly-widowed lady named Maya Stern who caught her dead husband on a nanny cam. Starring Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage and Adeel Akhtar.

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