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Fool Me Once- Episode 7 Recap

Fool Me Once- Episode 7 Summary & Recap

What happened to Andrew Burkett?

Christopher begins revealing what happened to Theo. Theo had always been a competition to Joe and one day, after a big football win, the group including Joe and Andrew tried to haze Theo. Joe ended by tying Theo on a chair and force fed Theo with vodka. When the group realized that Theo was dead, Joe told them to keep it a secret.

Then, when the group was on the yacht 6 weeks later, Andrew brought up the fact that they should come clean. Joe still wanted to keep it a secret and when Andrew went up to the deck alone, Joe joined in. And soon after, the group heard a splash. But Christopher immediately knew- Joe pushed Andrew in. 

When Maya got back, she had a conversation with Shane about what happened overseas when she was in the military. During a mission, Maya saw her troops on land getting injured by enemy fire while she was on a helicopter. There was a suspicious white van heading towards her comrades, but the commander asked Maya not to shoot as they weren’t sure whether there were civilians in the van.

Maya’s injured comrades were asking Maya to shoot, and so Maya made a split second decision. She turned off comms and shot the van, claiming that she had already gotten orders to do so. Turns out, the van was filled with civilians, and Maya had to live with the guilt for the rest of her life.

Corey talked to Detective Kierce in private.

The two boys on the motorbike

Meanwhile, Detective Kierce ambushed Corey’s hideout and managed to apprehend him. At the police station, Corey requested for a private conversation with the detective. He informed Kierce that he believes that Burkett Pharmaceuticals have been putting out very harmful products in the market and have been hiding evidence. These products have caused hallucinations, even deaths.

That was when Kierce realized that the pill he was taking was actually from Burkett Pharmaceuticals. It might be the reason that his brain is degenerating.

But soon after, the police received news that they had located PJ Dawson. Kierce and Marty ended up chasing PJ up to a building’s rooftop. Kierce was closer to PJ, but at the top of the roof, Kierce’s head started ringing.

PJ told the detective that he was at the park robbing purses, but he did not kill Joe. His acquaintance at that time, Rambo was the one who walked towards Joe, but PJ wasn’t sure what happened.

Kierce believed the boy but his stability on the roof was getting shaky with the ringing. PJ tried to help the detective, but ended up falling off the roof instead. He was then hospitalized and Kierce was suspended.

Not giving up, Kierce located Rambo and questioned the lad on Joe. Rambo said he did not kill Joe, but knew who did.

PJ tried to help Dtective Kierce. Photo: Netflix

Maya getting in on the action

On the other side of town, Maya bought a burner phone and signed Eddie up to pick up Lily from daycare. Then, she located Luka’s car and hid in the car park.

When Luka and Izabella showed up, Maya threatened them with the gun. Izabella eventually spilled that the video of Joe was deepfaked. Judith put them up to the job because she believed that Maya was hiding something. Luka took Joe’s clothes and shoes to make that video.

Maya then got Luka and Izabella locked up in their car’s trunk. That was when Shane appeared, because Eddie informed him about Maya’s whereabouts.

Shane was curious about Maya’s suspicious activity and why Judith might even want to come after her. That was when Maya revealed that she knew Joe wasn’t who he thinks he is. And that she was the one who shot Joe.

Additional Observations From Episode 7

  • Nicole was actually Kierce’s hallucination. She was Kierce’s first fiancée and Kierce has started realizing his hallucinations now

Fool Me Once is a British limited series adapted from Harlan Coben’s 2016 novel of the same name. It follows a newly-widowed lady named Maya Stern who caught her dead husband on a nanny cam. Starring Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage and Adeel Akhtar.

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