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Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 4 Recap

Delete (2023) - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

The rich girl who steals

The series flashed back to one month ago where we get to know June better. June is a kleptomaniac. It’s her habit to steal. Once, she stole a perfume from a girl named Ploysai. Even though another girl got beaten up by Ploysai because Ploysai thought she was the thief, June kept her mouth zipped.

June even stole a rosary from her teacher. That teacher’s son, Tong saw June stealing but couldn’t find evidence because June managed to hide the rosary in her blouse.

Although she’s a kleptomaniac, she is just a girl devoid of love. Since her mother passed, no one in the house was on her side. So, she turned to Lilly, who would kindly listen to her problems.

When arguments get heated between Lilly and Too, Lilly would also rush to June’s room to seek some solace. All this codependency made June fall in love with Lilly. When she kissed Lilly one day, Lilly was quick to reject June. In fact, Lilly found it awkward because June is still Too’s sister.

Finding the phone

One day, June saw Lilly making out with Aim in a car, and she took the photos to show Too. Then, at Lilly’s birthday party, June spotted the mystery phone out of Lilly’s purse. Being the kleptomaniac that she is, June immediately stole the phone.

At first, she thought nothing of the phone, but found it weird because the phone does not allow her to take selfies. But once she tested it on a cat, she became aware of the phone’s power. That night, she secretly tailed Lilly and tried to make Lilly disappear using the ppl phone. It wasn’t shown whether June eventually took the photo, so it still remains a mystery.

Still from Delete (2023) Netflix Episode 4
Not knowing the phone's powers, June tested the phone on a cat. Photo: Netflix


Meanwhile, back in our original timeline, Aim started to notice the photo of him and Lilly. He spotted June’s reflection on another car in the photo, and immediately recognized her. Aim wasted no time and tried to confront June about whether or not she had the mysterious phone. June did not want to cooperate, and Aim almost used force, but Tong stepped in to help June.

But this is not the only challenge June faced. Ploysai eventually found out that June was the one who stole her perfume. Worse yet, the students found June’s theft box in her locker.

Angry, Ploysai and the other female students harassed June and took the mystery phone away. Then they locked her in the toilet. When a school janitor eventually let June out, June rushed to Ploysai to demand the phone back.

Even though she was hesitant, Ploysai returned it. And before she knew it, June took a photo of her using the phone, causing a big flash and making Ploysai disappear. Tong saw this take place.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Detective Yuttachai was were following Aim when Aim went to June’s school.
  • June eventually returned Tong’s sister’s rosary, but Tong threw it away.

Delete (2023) is a Thai series about a pair of lovers, Aim and Lilly, who stumbled upon a phone which mysteriously erases people from their everyday life. Starring Nat Kitcharit, Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa and Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying.

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