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Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 5 Recap

Still from Delete (2023) Netflix Episode 5

In the last episode, June made her classmate, Ploysai, disappear.

Delete (2023) - Episode 5 Summary & Recap


Filled with anger for the world, June was about to make the whole assembly of students disappear with the phone. But Tong stopped her. He told June that he saw what she did to Ploysai, and told her that what she did is nothing short of murder. Tong then managed to persuade June to give up the phone to her.

That night, a man in a mask broke into Too’s family estate. The man was looking for the phone. Too tried to fight him off, but ended up getting injured. Unfortunately, the mystery man managed to escape and all he left behind was a necklace with the name “Araya R.” engraved on it.

Too then scoured the internet and found a Facebook profile of a teenage girl whose last post is “Goodbye”. There was also a photo of that girl with another cancer patient wearing a similar necklace. The cancer patient’s name is Natacha. Too tried his luck to message Natacha about the necklace, and she asked Too to hand it over to her at her hospital.

Mystery man

The next day, at school, June received a message from an unknown number. That person claimed to know about the phone and asked June to hand it over to him after school in an abandoned building. Without hesitation, June alerted Tong.

Coincidentally, Aim also noticed news of Ploysai’s mysterious disappearance. Realizing that Ploysai was June’s classmate, Aim headed out to see June.

June wanted to delete a whole assembly of students.

At 7pm, June went to the abandoned school building and met the man in the mask. She kept insisting that she did not have the phone, but he did not believe her. As he was about to get rough, Tong showed up with the phone, threatening to delete that man.

But the masked man was smart and used June as a protection. One thing led to another and a fight and chase eventually broke out between June, Tong and the masked man. At the end of it, Tong fell from the stairs and injured his knee while the masked man deleted June using the phone.

Real culprit

Before he could make his move on Tong, Aim arrived and brought Tong to safety. After they left the scene, Aim was curious and asked Tong if he remembered anything about the masked man. Tong recalled that the man had a problem with his ear when he was struck in his head. Aim remembered who had the same issue.

Meanwhile, Too visited Natacha and found out that the necklace belonged to her friend, Claire (real name Araya). A man has also been asking Natacha about the phone. The man was Claire’s father- Detective Yuttachai.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the detective was indeed the masked man. Ploysai also reappeared, indicating that disappeared people can be brought back by deleting the person who deleted them.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • Too was a victim of domestic abuse when he was a child. His father would lock him up in the cupboard.
  • Too and his father also seemed to be hiding a secret from the police.
  • June claimed that she did not delete Lilly

Delete (2023) is a Thai series about a pair of lovers, Aim and Lilly, who stumbled upon a phone which mysteriously erases people from their everyday life. Starring Nat Kitcharit, Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa and Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying.

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