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Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 3 Recap

Still from Delete (2023) Netflix Episode 3

In Episode 2, Lilly ended up missing, so naturally, Too and Aim suspected each other.

Delete (2023) - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Secret is out

Following from last episode, Aim and Too ended up in a chase in Too’s family estate. Too tried shooting Aim numerous times, but failed to hit. Eventually, Aim managed to steal Too’s jeep and escaped.

After a few days, things resumed per normal, but Orn’s mother’s caretaker, Nicha, came looking for Aim. Orn’s mother fell down and require further hospitalization cost. Guilty, Aim bore all of Orn’s mother’s hospitalization bill. He told Nicha that Orn had a job in China. However, this seems odd to Nicha as she knew that Orn’s schedule was empty. Plus, Aim insisted on paying the bill although insurance could cover this bill. All they needed was Orn’s signature.

When he got back, Aim tried to text Nicha from Orn’s phone by pretending to be Orn. But Nicha is quick and tried to video call. When Aim had no chance but to deny these calls, Nicha knew Orn was not on the other end of the line.

Things got even worse for Aim when an anonymous Facebook profile leaked photos of him and Lilly kissing. With the scandal coming to light, the police detective in-charge, Detective Yuttachai (Nopachai Chaiyanam), started investigating both Too and Aim. They both have motives for Lilly’s disappearance.


Aim paying off Orn's mother's hospital bills.


Too lied that he just found out about the affair when the news leaked it, while Aim told the detective that he and Lilly had already broken up. But Detective Yuttachai is sharp. He noticed Orn’s disappearance on the CCTV footage where Orn entered Aim’s apartment unit, but never came out.

Nevertheless, Aim did not show much expression and brushed the issue off as a faulty camera. When the detective questioned Aim about Nicha’s odd encounter with him, Aim was quick to brush it off too.


Meanwhile, we also got to learn that Too also lives with his father (whom Too inherited the estate from) and his half sister, June. June is a stellar student, but would occasionally be picked on for being such a nerd.

After winning a math competition that day, June headed to the church to confess her sins. Then, he pulled out the mystery phone.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Detective Yuttachai was also the detective behind a group of missing person’s cases. There were a group of people round a young girl who started disappearing. This is the girl who passed the phone to Lilly in Episode 1.

Delete (2023) is a Thai series about a pair of lovers, Aim and Lilly, who stumbled upon a phone which mysteriously erases people from their everyday life. Starring Nat Kitcharit, Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa and Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying.

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