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Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 2 Recap

Last episode, Lilly got hold of a phone that could erase people in real life after taking a photo of them. She passed it to her lover Aim, who used it on his girlfriend.

Delete (2023) - Episode 2 Summary & Recap

Plan gone wrong

After “deleting” Orn, Aim met up with Lilly to tell her the news. Even though Lilly is pregnant, she still did not divulge this news to her lover. She kept quiet and the two plotted to “delete” Too next.

When both Aim and Lilly headed out to the car, they noticed that someone was following them. But they did not manage to find out who it was.

That evening, Lilly returned home with the mystery phone in her bag. She was ready to erase Too. However, her plans go awry when she found out that Too had planned a surprise birthday party for her and had invited lots of people.

With everyone around, she could no longer “delete” Too. However, Lilly managed to talk with a guest named June privately. According to June, everyone including Too, knew of Lilly’s affair.

Still from Delete (2023) Netflix Episode 2
Too threw a surprise party for Lilly's birthday. Photo: Netflix


After the party ended, Too brought Lilly to the horse stable to show her the new horse he bought for her. There and then, he also told Lilly that he knew of the affair. At first, Lilly was ready to reach out for the phone and delete Too. However, to her surprise, Too hugged her and asked to start again.

Lilly then decided to come clean and told her husband that she’s pregnant with Aim’s child. What happened next was not shown.

In the morning, Lilly was reported missing and her car was found without forced entry. Aim grew worried and suspected that Too was involved in Lilly’s disappearance. He tried to inspect the car for the phone, but it was nowhere to be found.

Too then showed up and requested that both he and Aim proceed with the interview the next day. Aim was suspicious but still obliged.

Who is the culprit?

When Aim arrived the following day at Too’s estate, Too was not there yet. So he snooped around and stole the Lost & Found book he gave Lilly. 

Too soon reached home and brought Aim to the horse stable. There, he confessed that he knew about Lilly and Aim’s affair, and that Lilly is pregnant with Aim’s child. Aim was dumbfounded, but when Too was about to take out his phone, Aim became wary and pounced on him. Aim even found a weapon and put it near Too’s throat, questioning him about the whereabouts of the mystery phone. However, Too was confused. He thought Aim was the one who took Lilly and did not know anything about a phone.

Delete (2023) is a Thai series about a pair of lovers, Aim and Lilly, who stumbled upon a phone which mysteriously erases people from their everyday life. Starring Nat Kitcharit, Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa and Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying.

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Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • Orn has a mother who has Alzheimer’s. As Orn frequently visits her mother at the home, the caretaker there, Nicha grew fond of her.
  • Too and Lilly’s relationship fell apart after Lilly had a miscarriage.
  • Lilly and June seemed to had a misunderstanding in their relationship before this.

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