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Fool Me Once- Episode 4 Recap

Still from Fool me Once Episode 4

Fool Me Once- Episode 4 Summary & Recap

More on Tommy Dark

When Maya approached the living room with her gun, the man with Lily turns out to be Shane. He had come over to inform her about his findings- that Tommy Dark used to be the captain of the yacht Andrew died on. They both suspected something wrong as Maya revealed that Joe had told her that Andrew committed suicide. With all this information, Shane is also getting suspicious on whether or not Joe is alive.

The next morning, Maya met Eddie and his children at the park. Initially, Abby wanted to ask Maya about Alexander, but Maya ended up having a nice long conversation with Eddie instead. The two patched things up.

When Maya got back, Dr. Wu, a psychiatrist was waiting for her. Turns out, whatever mistake Maya did overseas has caused her to have PTSD and nightmares. But Maya is not receptive to this treatment. Coincidentally, Tommy Dark’s wife called her and Maya rushed over to the Dark’s home. There, Tommy Dark’s wife found evidence that the Burketts have been bribing Tommy for the past 26 years. Now that she believes Maya, Tommy’s wife confessed that Tommy has gone missing 6 weeks ago.

Maya and Eddie had a long, kind conversation at the park. Photo: Netflix

Hunting down the captain of the yacht

Heated after all these information, Maya barged into the Burkett mansion and confronted Judith once again for paying off Tommy Dark. However, Judith dismissed the claims as she did not want to relive pain. She also claims that Caroline is receiving psychiatric treatment as she is very ill. It was later revealed that Caroline was actually inside the house.

Judith still claims that Andrew accidentally fell from the yacht after having a lot of drinks. The whole conversation made Maya believe that Judith paid Tommy Dark in order to cover up the fact that Andrew committed suicide. 

Left with very few options, Maya sought Corey’s help to get information on Tommy Dark. Corey agreed to help but seems to be hiding something. He questioned if Maya is still close to Shane.

When Maya got back from the arcade, Abby and Dan immediately got into her car to ask her questions on their mother. Before this, they had tracked down an app that indicated that they have a half brother/ sister. They even left a photo of a pregnant Claire in 2003, without noticing that their dad had found it. As the children seem worried that their half sibling had killed Claire, Maya admitted that they have a half brother. 

Corey and Maya strategize at the arcade.

Detective work

Meanwhile, on the authorities side, Detective Kierce and Mcgreggor interrogated Phil, but he was smart to bring a lawyer with him. Phil did not deny that the motorcycle was his, but the detectives decided to also look into Phil’s son PJ. 

Later in the day, Detective Kierce saw Phil getting into a vehicle sponsored by Burkett Industries. He instinctively followed the coach and found out that various tournaments and awards won and hosted by Phil were backed by Burkett. In fact, there was a photo of Joe with Phil inside Phil’s cabin. Unfortunately, before the detective could do anything, he started experiencing minor spasms and passed out. When he woke up, he called Marty to help him.

The detectives also had another lead. Marty found out that the alibi provided by Eddie did not check out. Instead, Eddie was with another woman on the night of Joe’s death.

At night, someone placed a tracker on Maya’s car, causing the alarm to go off. Maya did not seem suspicious, but it turns out that the man was Shane.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • From Maya’s conversation with Corey. it seems like some people had died due to Maya’s error in the past; and Maya seems extremely regretful.
  • Someone called “The Child” has been trying to get in touch with Detective Sami Kierce.
  • Detective Marty revealed that he is gay.

Fool Me Once is a British limited series adapted from Harlan Coben’s 2016 novel of the same name. It follows a newly-widowed lady named Maya Stern who caught her dead husband on a nanny cam. Starring Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage and Adeel Akhtar.

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