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Red Rose – Episode 5 Recap

Jacob gave Jaya a ring and told her that Wren’s time is up.

Red Rose is a British horror thriller series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. It revolves around a group of friends whose friendship changed after one of them downloaded the Red Rose app. Starring Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, and Natalie Blair.

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Red Rose - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Countdown till midnight

The Dickheads woke up with a timer on their phone, counting down to midnight. It had the Red Rose background. They gathered at Taz’s house and Jaya met them there. Without hesitation, Jaya told them about the call and asked all of them to turn off their phones and electrical devices. This is to prevent Red Rose from listening to their conversation. She also got Wren and Taz mobile phones (non-smartphones) to allow them to communicate without WiFi. 

As the group theorized that the countdown was till Wren’s death, they decided to stay over at Taz’s house because his grandparents were not home. However, they still need supplies and so they got out to buy some food. On the way back, Wren bumped into Simon who asked Wren if she’s going home. Anthony mentioned that they were going to Taz’s, and then Simon left them. He then took out his phone and messaged someone. 

Right before this incident, Rachel tried to look for Simon, but Simon was visibly scared and shalen about something. This indicated that he was contacted by Red Rose in some manner.

The group bumped into Simon while shopping. Photo: Netflix

Sudden party

After having to walk home because Wren realized red Rose hacking their taxi driver’s app, the group then stayed in Taz’s house. At night at 8pm, a group of their schoolmates showed up outside Taz’s house. Apparently, “Taz” posted on his social media inviting them for a party in his house. The teenagers were drunk and pushed their way into the house despite Taz asking them to leave. They then blast their own party music and destroyed things around the house like loud, boisterous teenagers.

Wren and Jaya hid in Taz’s room while Noah guarded their door outside. Meanwhile, Taz, Ashley and Anthony tried managing the damage in the house. Then, out of a sudden, the electricity went off but the TV turned on, showing the guest a video of Rochelle screaming. Hearing Rochelle’s scream, Wren came down, but this led the two Jennas to start pointing fingers at Wren again. Wren couldn’t take their bullying any further and walked out of the house, only to see Simon arriving in his car. According to Simon, her mom sent him, and so Wren got into his car.

In actual fact, Rachel was with her friend. Rick came over because he was concerned that Wren was not answering her phone. Realizing something was off, Rick and Rachel left to Taz’s house, but by then, Noah, Jaya, Ashley, Taz and Anthony had realized that Wren was missing. Fortunately, Wren texted Jaya using the mobile phone that Simon is taking her to her mother’s workplace, Smithills. It then dawned to the group that Rachel was indeed not at her Smithills, and so the group immediately rushed there.


Scene from Red Rose Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Taz, Anthony and Ashley trying to manage the house party. Photo: Netflix


At Smithills, Wren went inside first to look for her mum. Then, she noticed a text from Jaya saying that Simon is Red Rose. Just when Simon walked in, Wren bolted and Simon chased after her. The intense chase led them up to the rooftop, but Noah had already arrived by then. The police that Wren managed to call during the chase had also arrived, and so did the rest of the group.

Simon was trembling and also crying. He mentioned “Simon says” and asked for forgiveness. Then, he jumped down from the building, killing himself. Everyone was shocked by what happened.

A camera overlooking a building is watched by a man in front of a laptop. When someone called the man to bed, he said he was finishing a game of “Simon Says”.

Simon committed suicide by falling off the building.

Additional Observations From Episode 5

  • A boy from school, Patrick, came up to Wren and confessed that Rochelle and him secretly saw each other.
  • Jaya realized that although Jacob built Red Rose, the app is now different. Someone have changed the code.
  • At the party, Anthony locked eyes with another boy.

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