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Red Rose – Episode 8 Recap

Scene from Red Rose Episode 8 to illustrate recap

Red Rose - Episode 8 Summary & Recap

Alyssa and Jacob

The finale episode started with a flashback from 8 months ago. Jacob fancied Alyssa, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her about his feelings. So instead, he built Red Rose as an app to talk to Alyssa anonymously and get to know her. During this time, Jacob had partnered up with a group of anonymous people from an internet forum. They watched his conversations with Alyssa via Red Rose and gave him advice.

One day, Jacob found a way to hack into all the electronic items in Alyssa’s home. Everyone watching on the Red Rose site was very impressed. Not long after, Jacob confessed his feelings to Alyssa, but he was turned down nicely. He was devastated, and did not want to continue with Red Rose, and so, one of the anonymous watchers on Red Rose, The Gardener, persuaded Jacob to give him the admin access so that he could elevate the site.

A few days later, Jacob noticed that Alyssa was extremely terrified and her Red Rose app sounded more malicious. When he went back and logged into the Red Rose site, he noticed that The Gardener and the other anonymous watchers had been using Red Rose to scare Alyssa. Jacob then ran to Alyssa’s home, but saw someone push her down the roof instead. He was devastated and angry that his app was used for something like this, and threatened The Gardener that he would call the police. The Gardener then revealed that he knew Jacob’s identity, and soon after, Jacob was dead.

In the initial stages, Red Rose was a private messaging app. Photo: Netflix

The Garden

Meanwhile, at the hospital, when Noah was busy buying snacks from a vending machine, the lady who kidnapped him earlier showed up. She claimed that Noah’s answers about Wren is interesting, and so she wanted to help. Hence, she revealed that Wren was heading to Le Mans Crescent. Noah gathered the group to run there, while Jaya kept track of the cameras following the group on Red Rose. 

When they reached Le Mans Crescent, Jaya helped lead them away from cameras and watched their back when a group of people started chasing after them. At one point, the Dickheads was stuck in a room, but The Gardener ordered the people chasing after them to go away, allowing the group to get out.

Wren, on the other hand, entered a room with a chair, where she was taunted with voices that say mean thing. They were voices of Rochelle, Rick, the Jennas and her other friends. When the voices stop, she was led through a garden-like door into a room with Rick tied to a chair and a bald man. There were screen of live feeds with the anonymous watchers on Red Rose cheering the bald man on. When Wren asked if the bald man was The Gardener, he did not directly answer. Rick asked Wren to leave, but Wren insisted on saving her father.

Jaya gave the Dickheads instructions via an analog mobile phone. Photo: Netflix

It continues

During this time, the Dickheads asked Jaya to delete the whole Red Rose site. Jaya was initially reluctant because the police will not have any evidence. But, she did it anyway. Just when the bald man stabbed Rick on the thigh, the live feed went off because Jaya deleted the site. This threw him off and Wren took the opportunity to hit him with the metal stick to beat up the man and killed him.

The police soon arrived and Rick took the blame for killing the bald man. Wren returned to her group of friends. As Jaya walks over to find her friends, she bumped into the lady that kidnapped Noah. It was revealed that she was indeed the Gardener, and planned it all just to see if Wren will be pushed to kill someone. When Jaya asked if it is all over, the lady said that they could never kill an idea.

After everything is settled, the group visited Roch’s grave. However, somewhere in Tokyo, a man named Riku received a link with a message “Do you want to really live?”. He clicked on the link and it led him to a page to download an app similar to Red Rose, except that the interface was in white and gold.

The Gardener reveals herself to Jaya. Photo: Netflix

Red Rose is a British horror thriller series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. It revolves around a group of friends whose friendship changed after one of them downloaded the Red Rose app. Starring Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, and Natalie Blair.

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