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Red Rose – Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode, Ashley was pushed to the river rocks by an unknown figure, while Jaya was trapped in her room as fire spreaded across her house.

Red Rose is a British horror thriller series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. It revolves around a group of friends whose friendship changed after one of them downloaded the Red Rose app. Starring Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, and Natalie Blair.

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Red Rose - Episode 7 Summary & Recap

Getting back to the hospital

In the morning, we see the repercussions of the event last night. Jaya’s parents believed that Jaya had burned in the fire, although Jaya’s body was not found. Ashley has been hospitalized. She was kept sedated while her friends accompanied her. But things are far from over. A nurse sent a 5 red roses in a vase from an unknown sender. 

Knowing that Red Rose is at it again, Wren asked everything to throw their phones into the vase of water. Then, the group agreed to meet back at the hospital at night. Wren passed her analog mobile phone to Antony. Taz decided to stay in the hospital with Ashley.

However, that whole day, each one of them had trouble getting back to the hospital. Antony’s alcoholic mother still couldn’t take care of herself and Antony’s brother, Liam. Liam had also been talking to a man via a video game. That day, that man requested to speak to Antony. He was clearly related to Red Rose. Being the protective brother he is, Antony asked the man to leave Liam alone, but the man taunted him back and said that Antony will watch his friends die.

Antony then decided to turn off the headset and warned Liam not to turn it on again. He asked Liam to lock the doors and not to let anyone in. Then, Antony made his way to the hospital. However, on his way he saw a dark figure blocking his way and following him. Thankfully, a group of drunk older women pass by and Antony immediately cling onto them. He asked to them to accompany him to the hospital, and the dark figure left.

Scene from Red Rose Episode 7 to illustrate recap
Antony speaking to the mysterious man on Liam's headset. Photo: Netflix

Almost dead

Meanwhile, Noah was quick to head for the hospital before dark. On his way, a car suddenly started following him and honking at him, so Noah decided to run into the woods. The car still continued to catch up with him and as Noah continued to run, he was eventually shot with a dart on his neck. He passed out.

When Noah next woke up, it was already dark. His hands and legs were tied and a woman was pouring oil all over his body. She wanted to light a watch to burn Noah to death. When Noah asked if she’s The Gardener, the lady asked where he heard that name. The conversation then switched towards Wren as Noah convinced the woman that Wren is good. Out of the sudden, the woman changed her mind and let Noah go. She said that the Gardener wants someone dead that night, but she is personally rooting for Noah. Noah made his way to the hospital.

Taz is faced with another kind of madness in the hospital. He left Ashley alone when her parents are around, but by bighttime, when he went back, Ashley was no longer there. He suddenly got a call from Jaya. A flashback revealed that Jaya actually escaped the fire and is hiding out in her coding camp building. A group of people are watching their group of friends on the Red Rose site as entertainment. 

Jaya revealed that Ashley is in a metal box and Taz immediately looked for the morgue. He saved Ashley and kissed her. Not long later, Noah and Antony arrived. But Wren wasn’t there.

A live footage of Ashley trapped in the morgue is on the Red Rose's site.


Wren, on the other hand, was kept at home by Rachel because Rachel received a text from Rick not to let her out. But Wren knew that they should not trust any messages. So, Wren sneaked out and headed to Rick’s place only to find Rick done. His TV suddenly showed a live footage of Rick being tied to the chair. A phone on the table also rang, apparently from “Rochelle”. When Wren picked up, “Rochelle” asked her to go to Le Mans Cresent.

Without hesitation, Wren ran all the way there and found multiple red-lighted cameras on her.

Additional Observations From Episode 7

  • In the Red Rose site, there were five different folders on Roch, Wren, Simon, Ashley and Jaya.

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  1. Made no sense. 1. Noah was close enuf he could’ve taken her legs out from under her and had her on the ground. 2. Big boy ran? Why? Take her out your way bigger. This episode was stupid.

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