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Red Rose – Episode 4 Recap

Scene from Red Rose Episode 4 to illustrate recap

Red Rose is a British horror thriller series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. It revolves around a group of friends whose friendship changed after one of them downloaded the Red Rose app. Starring Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, and Natalie Blair.

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Red Rose - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Close death

The episode begin with a flashback from Rachel, Wren’s mother’s past. She used to work together with Gloria, and once, they along with their coworkers tried using the Ouija board to contact some spirits. They eventually contacted Tom, Gloria’s grandfather but they did not close the session properly after everyone ran off.

Back to our original timeline, Wren and her friends took the train to Manchester. Wren’s relationship with Noah was a little strained, but everyone else took Wren’s side after hearing “Roch” speaking through the app.

When the group reached Manchester and the meeting spot, the person asking them to come over turns out to be Jaya. She knew something about the Red Rose app. However, she didn’t have much time to explain because the app suddenly allowed Wren to see Roch on the screen and the Roch on screen asked Wren to follow her. The group followed wren closely from behind as “Roch” lead Wren to an underground tunnel. To Wren’s surprise, she was almost led to a train’s path and therefore almost killed herself.

Wren could see Roch through her phone but not in real life. Photo: Netflix

Jacob Taylor

Jaya then took the group to her coding workshop. She explained that a guy who used to work on her current desk was dead after getting involved with the Red Rose app. The guy, Jacob Taylor made Jaya intrigued about what was behind Red Rose. Wren then allowed Jaya to ran her phone through a program. As they wait for the program to fully diagnose the app, Wren and Noah patched things up.

The program revealed that the Red Rose app had complete control over the phone. It could watch through the camera and it could listen as well. Curious about Jacob’s involvement, Jaya led the group to Jacob’s house and they pretended to be Jacob’s classmate. Anthony tried to joke around with Jacob’s mother who was still devastated by her son’s death. Meanwhile, Jaya and Wren scoured Jacob’s room for any hints.

They eventually found a book with a drawing of Alyssa and another Book on Red Rose’s blueprint. Jaya now believes that Jacob is the creator of Red Rose. Just as they found these useful items, Jacob’s father came back and found them snooping around. However, he allowed them to take those items as he believe something good will come of it.

After the group left the house, Wren got a message from Red Rose saying “Jacob can’t help you. He’s in the Garden with Roch”.

Jaya realized that Jacob was the creator of Red Rose.

Family matters

While Wren was at Manchester the whole day, Rick has been receiving messages from “Wren” asking him to drop by the house. This angered Rachel as she did not want to see Rick. But Rick noticed something was wrong when “Wren” sent him the video of her fighting with the two Jennas. He tried to get Rachel to help, but Rachel thought this was a horrible attempt by both Rick and Wren to get the two back together.

Things went completely south when Simon, Rachel’s date arrived. Rick lost his temper and pinned Simon to the ground and almost breaking her skull. Wren came back just in time to stop the fight. However, Simon left angry and this frustrated Rachel even further. Rick left from embarrassment while Rachel berated Wren for inviting Rick over to their house.

Wren was left with no choice. She threw her phone into the bin and went over to stay at Noah’s house. The two slept together. That same night, Jaya received a call from Jacob, telling her that Wren’s time is up.


Wren went over to Noah's after Rachel locked her out. Photo: Netflix

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Wren’s father, Rick was previously jailed for manslaughter.
  • Jacob’s father admitted that Jacob wasn’t a very nice person. He caught Jacob looking at nasty things on his computer once.
  • Jacob’s computer at home is completely destroyed inside.

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