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Red Rose – Episode 3 Recap

Rochelle was found dead in her bath tub in the previous episode. Wren now believes everything Rochelle mentioned about Red Rose, and decided to download the app when she got the link.

Read recap of episode 3 below.

Red Rose is a British horror thriller series created by Michael and Paul Clarkson. It revolves around a group of friends whose friendship changed after one of them downloaded the Red Rose app. Starring Amelia Clarkson, Isis Hainsworth, and Natalie Blair.

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Red Rose - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Same path

Now that Wren downloaded the app, she followed the same instructions and wrote her wish on the mirror using lipstick. She asked for her friend back. But when she started chanting as per the app’s instructions, the app started showing a video of Roch and spoke in Roch’s voice. Noah, who was spending the night over at Wren’s, saw what happened.

The next day, Red Rose was at it again. In the morning, someone rang Wren’s doorbell. But when she went out to check, no one was there, the dustbin had been toppled over, and her house’s walkway was filled with blood.

On top of that, the app posted the photo of Wren with the mirror of her wish online. What made things worse was that Noah’s reflection was on the photo. Two bullies at school, the two Jennas, started bullying Wren for mocking Roch after taking Roch’s boyfriend. They assumed that the video of Roch kissing Noah indicated that they were together.

Noah accompanied Wren through the night. Photo: Netflix

Yet another app

All Wren’s friends tried to help her, except for Anthony. Anthony did not want Wren to get involved with Red Rose because he thinks that it is dangerous, but Wren went ahead despite his warning. Therefore, Taz helped scour the internet for some details about Red Rose while Ash persuaded Anthony to stay by Wren’s side.

Meanwhile, Red Rose kept haunting Wren. One night, the app asked Wren to go to Roch’s grave if she wanted to talk to Wren. Sure enough, at the grave, the app started speaking in Roch’s voice. This brought back so much guilt in Wren and she so, she broke down, cried and kept apologizing. Little did she know, Red Rose had been recording.

On the other hand, Anthony who seems to be a closeted gay started using a dating app called KRSH. Another user under the alias “EmoBoy” started flirty chats with him, and Anthony felt validated talking to him. They missed an opportunity to meet because Anthony had to take care of his drunken mother. Therefore, they later on make an appointment to meet at a park. However, during that day, Anthony could only find an adult man who did not seem to be “EmoBoy” there. It seemed like he was played.

Anthony flirted with a stranger on a dating app. Photo: Netflix

Getting violent

That same day, Noah met the two Jennas to get them to stop bullying Wren. Wren also had the same idea, and wanted to tell the bullies off. When they all gathered, things turned badly when Red Rose posted a video to social media on behalf of Wren. It is the video of Wren crying and apologizing at Roch’s grave. This made the two Jennas even more vicious. They hurled insults at Wren even though she tried to leave.

Ashley, Taz and Anthony arrived later and tried to protect Wren. But for Wren, the final straw was when the two Jennas compared her to her father, Rick. Wren lost it and punched the two Jennas. Then, when Noah tried to break them up, Wren accidentally punched Noah too. Wren then left with Ashley, Taz and Anthony.

Taz told Wren that he found out that a girl named Alyssa died soon after having the Red Rose app as well. This is the girl in the beginning of Episode 1. Soon after, Wren received a message to meet at Manchester if she doesn’t want to die. It was a regular message, and hence, it is unlikely from Red Rose.

 At night, Wren tried to talk to the Red Rose app again and got the app to talk in Roch’s voice. This time, her friends were in the room and could hear the app.


Other students filmed the fight.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • Wren confirmed with Roch’s twin sisters that Roch had the Red Rose app before she died.
  • Wren met up with her dad, Rick again. Rick was supportive of Wren and believed her when she insinuated that an app is behind Roch’s death.
  • Unfortunately, when Wren tried to show the app to Rick, the app hid itself from Wren’s phone.
  • When Wren had an argument with the two Jennas, Jaya overheard Wren mentioning Red Rose, and it caught her attention.

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