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The Tailor – Episode 7 Recap

The Tailor (2023) - Episode 5 Summary & Recap Peyami's mother Peyami offered to bring Esvet to the audience to look for "Peyami" so that they could go somewhere private.

The Tailor – Episode 6 Recap

The Tailor (2023) - Episode 6 Summary & Recap Sparks fly on the boat As Peyami and Esvet kissed, Madam Sülün watched from the door. She then left the couple

The Tailor – Episode 5 Recap

The Tailor (2023) - Episode 5 Summary & Recap Does Peyami recognize Esvet in the dress? Episode 5 starts off with a flashback when Peyami and Dimitri were young boys.

The Tailor – Episode 4 Recap

The previous episode ended with Esvet cornered by Dimitri and his men. She tried to meet up with her adoptive father, Faruk, but Dimitri had overheard their phone call and

The Tailor – Episode 3 Recap

Dimitri's fiancée, Esvet is now staying in Peyami's place as Mustafa's caretaker. At the end of last episode, Peyami wants Esvet to put on the wedding dress. The Tailor (2023)

The Tailor – Episode 2 Recap

The Tailor (2023) or Terzi is a Turkish series about a renowed tailor named Peyami Dokumacı. After his grandfather's death, he brought his father to Instanbul and kept him a