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Burn the House Down – Episode 3 Recap

The previous episode ended with Kiichi finding out the truth about Anzu's identity. Meanwhile, Yuzu reconnected with their father, Osamu. Burn the House Down - Episode 3 Summary & Recap

Burn the House Down – Episode 2 Recap

Burn the House Down - Episode 2 Summary & Recap Back in the house With Anzu fired, they can no longer continue with their plans. Anzu took some time to

Burn the House Down – Episode 1 Recap

Burn the House Down is a Japanese thriller series based on the manga Mitarai ke, Enjou Suru by Moyashi Fujisawa. Starring Mei Nagano, Kyoka Suzuki and Asuka Kudo.Streaming on Netflix

Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 6 Recap

Delete (2023) - Episode 6 Summary & Recap What happened to Lilly? We finally got a few of our questions answered this episode. On the night of Lilly's disappearance, Lilly

Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 5 Recap

In the last episode, June made her classmate, Ploysai, disappear. Delete (2023) - Episode 5 Summary & Recap Necklace Filled with anger for the world, June was about to make

Delete (2023) Netflix – Episode 4 Recap

Delete (2023) - Episode 4 Summary & Recap The rich girl who steals The series flashed back to one month ago where we get to know June better. June is