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The Tailor – Episode 1 Recap

Still from The Tailor (2023) Netflix

The Tailor (2023) or Terzi is a Turkish series about a renowed tailor named Peyami Dokumacı. After his grandfather’s death, he brought his father to Instanbul and kept him a secret. Starring Çagatay Ulusoy, Sifanur Gül and Salih Bademci.

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The Tailor (2023) - Episode 1 Summary & Recap

Introduction to Peyami

The series starts with a famous, young tailor and designer getting ready for his fashion show. His name is Peyami Dokumaci (Çagatay Ulusoy). He has an assistant named Suzi (Ece Sükan) who helps him on a daily basis. Peyami managed to pull through the fashion show despite his best friend, Dimitri’s (Salih Bademci) antics. Dimitri had sex with a model prior to her turn in the runway, which caused Peyami and Suzi major panice.

However, since the show was successful, everyone celebrated anyway. This included Dimitri who snorted cocaine. But before Peyami could entertain the stoned Dimitri, Suzi came with some bad news- Peyami’s grandfather has passed.

Peyami went back to his hometown to pay his respects. There he reunited with his mentally-challenged father, Mustafa (Olgun Simsek). Having Mustafa as a father had not been easy for Peyami, especially when Peyami was growing up. The other children would tease, bully and beat him up whenever he stood up for his father. Things were so difficult that Peyami requested his grandfather to send him away, far from his father.

Mustafa hugs Peyami when he realize who he was. Photo: Netflix

Meeting the reluctant bride

Now that the patriarch of the family has passed, Peyami’s grandmother demanded that Peyami take the whole family to Istanbul- including his father.

When Peyami got back, one of his task was to retake the measurements for Dimitri’s wedding suit. Dimitri is engaged to a lady named Esvet (Sifanur Gül), but Peyami had never met her.

Since their wedding is so close and Peyami designed Esvet’s wedding dress, Peyami wanted to do some adjustments. But Dimitri and his mother were quick to deny Peyami the pleasure. According to them, it is their custom that no men could see the bride so close to the wedding day. Therefore, Peyami ended up blindfolded and Esvet was hidden under her veil. Peyami, being the professional tailor that he is, made marks for the dress adjustment with Suzi guiding him.

Little did they know, Dimitri had been physically abusing Esvet all this while. Before Dimitri brough her down, Esvet was ket locked in a chest, and almost suffocated. Even during her dress adjustment, she was crying underneath the veil.

Peyami tells Suzi off for talking about Mustafa's caretaker at Dimitri's house. Photo: Netflix

Matters at home

Back at home, Mustafa was throwing a tantrum because they did not bring his scarecrow to Istanbul. In the end, the family had no choice but to lock his legs. The search for Mustafa’s caretaker becomes ever more crucial.

Besides Mustafa, Peyami also had something else on his mind. After his grandfather’s death, he went through his grandfather’s secret box to find some documents and photos of his mother. His mother’s name is Kiraz Dokumachi.

A few days later, Peyami was requested to go to his drawing room as there is a candidate for Mustafa’s caretaker. The lady turned out to be Esvet, but she disguised herself as someone named  Firuze.

Additional Observations From Episode 1

  • Peyami is shown as an extremely gifted tailor. He could imagine the design and make it come to life. He is also able to tell measurements by just looking.
  • Only Suzi knew about Peyami’s dad. It is a family secret that no one knew, not even Dimitri.

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