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Treason – Episode 2 recap

Scene from Treason Episode 2 to illustrate recap

Treason is a Netflix mini-series created by Matt Charman. The story revolves around MI6 agent, Adam Lawrence whose life changed after a Russian spy Kara reappeared in his life. The film stars , Olga Kurylenko and Oona Chaplin.

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Treason (Netflix) - Episode 2 Summary & Recap


Once the news of Ella’s kidnapping reached Maddy, she was shocked and panic. Adam did not help things when he decided to pick up Kara’s call in the garden, clearly refusing to let Maddy hear anything. So Maddy decided to use the recorder pen Dede gave her to record the conversation.

Kara told Adam that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping and she will try to help look for Ella. However, Adam doesn’t trust her anymore and instead ordered some men to arrest her. Fortunately, Kara managed to escape.


Dede admitted that she is part of the CIA, watching over Adam's rank climb in the MI6.

The next morning, when Maddy next confided in Dede about recording Adam’s conversation with a Russian woman, Dede came clean. Dede is part of the CIA and is investigating Adam because Adam had been rising through multiple intel. The CIA believed that Adam had been compromised since the operations in Baku. 

At first, Maddy felt very betrayed but she eventually met Dede secretly to exchange the recording of Adam’s conversation with a promise to look for Ella.

Kidnapping victim change hands

Soon after, the police have gotten some additional information on Ella’s kidnappers. But Kara was ahead and found the kidnapper’s location first. She contacted Adam and both of them headed to the building, but Kara misled Adam through the front entrance while she took Ella away from the back. 

In exchange for Ella, Kara demanded that Adam find her some intel on Audrey Kratz, the top prime minister candidate. At first Adam denied being able to look for information since the MI6 files showed a clean record. However, he soon remembered that Sir Angelis had a file on the Supreme Court President in his briefcase.

Kara calmed Ella down by telling her that she is a friend of Adam's. Photo: Netflix

With some persuasion, Adam managed to get Sir Angelis’s wife to let him into the room full of Sir Angelis’s personal records of people. Sure enough Adam found one on Audrey Kratz, but he also found a file on himself which stated that the CIA was investigating him.


After getting the file, Adam was supposed to meet Kara at Borough market but an anxious Maddy insisted on following. Adam had lied to Maddy about Kara so instead he told her that he is dealing with one of his own agents. He asked that Maddy stayed in the car while he went inside Borough Market.

Little did he know, Maddy later on stepped out of the car and followed him. Therefore, his interactions with Kara were all recorded by Maddy on her phone, including the part where he passed Audrey Kratz’s file and the part where Kara planted a kiss on his cheek.

Later on, Kara kept her promised and released Ella on Southwark Bridge, where Adam, Maddy and Ella reunited.

Maddy saw Adam and Kara getting close when exchanging the file.

At 3am the next morning, Adam met with Kit, someone he supposedly could trust. He came clean and revealed that he had to give compromising information to a former Russian spy to save his family. Therefore, Adam intended to step down. However, Kit advised him to get hold of Angelis’s files and put Angelis on the hook instead.

Meanwhile, Kara passed Kratz’s file to a funder for another prime minister candidate whom Kara is also seeking help from.

Additional Observations From Episode 2

  • The foreign secretary implored Adam to step down from his post to protect his family, but Adam refused to do so.
  • Maddy found an old photo of Adam and Kara when they were lovers.

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