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Treason – Episode 3 recap

Treason (Netflix) - Episode 3 Summary & Recap


The episode starts off with Kara being caught by her ex-boss from the SVR, Belova. Belova suspected that Kara was behind Angelis’s poisoning and warned her to stay away from Adam. Else, Belova would ensure that Kara is finished.

Meanwhile, in the morning, Adam informed Maddy of his decision to step down. This relieved Maddy, but Adam still said that he wanted to make sure everything falls back to its place first before he resigns. Then, Adam approached the prime minister candidate Audrey Gratz and told her that her secret information had been compromised. 

Turns out Gratz had used a government plane to fly a doctor into the UK to help kill her mother who was suffering from an illness. Gratz suggested that Adam look into her leadership rival to find out if they were behind this.


Audrey Gratz questioned how the information leaked.

Sure enough, as we already know it, Melnikov, the funder of Robert Kirby, another PM candidate was the one who was behind it. Melnikov went a step further and asked Kara to blackmail Gratz herself so that he did not need to do the dirty work. In return, Melnikov would delay Belova from getting to Kara.

 Therefore, Kara went ahead and blackmailed Gratz in person and demanded that Gratz step down as PM candidate.


Meanwhile, Adam got information about Melnikov and found out that Kara used to work for him. He then urgently arranges a lunch with Melnikov and told him about the potential blackmail on the PM candidates. It was a subtle hint by Adam that he knew they were connected. In fact, Adam even reminded Melnikov to inform the police should Melnikov cross paths with Kara. This tied Melnikov hands. Now he refused to help Kara even though Kara has done her part.

As all this go on, Maddy passed Dede the video of Kara and Adam but the video was too dark to make out who it was. Dede wanted to continue the operation and Maddy made her promise that he would not go after Adam, but only after Kara.

Dede swore that she wasn't behind Ella's kidnapping

Therefore, when Kara asked Adam out at 1am to talk about who kidnapped Ella, Dede woke Maddy up so that Maddy could help identify Kara when the CIA tail them. However, to Maddy’s horror, Kara revealed that the CIA was the one behind Ella’s kidnapping based on their procedure when kidnapping Ella. Maddy refused to trust Dede anymore, but still helped her old friend and savior identify Kara.

The CIA tried to stop Adam and Kara but both agents managed to escape. On the way leaving the place, Adam saw Maddy together with Dede. Feeling extremely betrayed, he took the kids and brought them over to Angelis’s house. There, Kara was already waiting tp break in so that she could peek at Angelis’s private folders on Baku.

Double agent

Adam, Ella and Callum were warmly greeted by Mary, Angelis’s wife. But soon after, Angelis returned home from the hospital and Mary warned her husband in private about Adam. Turns out, Angelis already knew what had happened previously and removed all his private files from the wine cellar. Therefore, Kara could not find anything and planted a bug instead.

Angelis told Adam that he purposely kept Adam close.

When Adam got Angelis in private, he told his former boss about Melnikov. Angelis was not surprised. He already knew. Angelis then revealed that he did his own digging about the CIA’s suspicions on Adam and found a recording of a call intercepted between two SVR agents. The conversation revealed that a British agent who helped them kill five men in Baku which called an uprising. The British agent was called by the code name “Dorian”. Although Angelis was convinced that Adam is Dorian, Adam vehemently denied it.

What makes things worse is that Angelis had photos of Adam having lunch with Melnikov earlier. Angry, Adam took Ella and Callum out from the Angelis home.

Additional Observations From Episode 3

  • According to Audrey Gratz, her mother begged her to perform the mercy killing. Also, Angelis had promised Gratz that the information will remain hidden.
  • Even though Adam got information on Melnikov through his friend of 20 years in the MI6, Patrick Hamilton, he refused to divulge anything to Patrick. 
  • Melnikov wanted to get Kirby as PM so that he could pass Kirby over to Russia and be pardoned by the country.

Treason is a Netflix mini-series created by Matt Charman. The story revolves around MI6 agent, Adam Lawrence whose life changed after a Russian spy Kara reappeared in his life. The film stars , Olga Kurylenko and Oona Chaplin.

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