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Treason – Episode 5 recap

Treason (Netflix) - Episode 5 Summary & Recap

Everyone got to work

After building their plan, Maddy immediately did her part by getting in touch with Audrey Gratz. She confessed to the PM candidate that Adam was the one who passed the file on Gratz over to save their daughter. At first, Audrey was in disagreement of the plan to provide Adam immunity from prosecution. But she had to agree in order to ensure she can become PM.

Meanwhile, Adam and Kara got hold of another senior ranking officer in MI6, Malik. They explained everything, and told him that after Angelis’s secrets were revealed, Malik would be the next C. Tempted but also understanding of the situation, Malik activated the emergency file transfer on Olimide’s phone. This allowed Adam and Kara to get to the next location of the secret files.

Scene from Treason Episode 5 to illustrate recap
Maddy convinced Audrey Gratz to expose Martin Angelis.


When Adam and Kara got to the hideout location, Olimide and another MI6 member were digitizing the files and storing it in a drive. Adam heard a sound and wanted to make sure they are safe. Hence, he split up from Kara. Turns out, the sound was from Maddy who had also arrived at the location.

During the time Adam was gone, Kara found an opportunity to steal the drive. Unfortunately, she got caught up in a combat with the MI6 members and had to kill Olimide. Adam was busy eliminating the other CIA members around that he eventually got caught by Dede. Kara and Maddy managed to group up again.

Dede pointed her gun towards Adam and asked Maddy to surrender the drive and Kara. At first, Kara persuaded Maddy to not surrender the drive; but during the last minute, Maddy stepped out. As Maddy appeared, everyone went into panic mode including Adam who tried to get up. As a result, in a sporadic moment of fear and reflexes, Dede shot Adam dead.

Adam Lawrence was shot by Dede. Photo: Netflix

Agent Dorian

After that whole mess, Kara managed to get Maddy out to a safe place. By that time, Maddy was already broken, and things got worse when Gratz refused to help Maddy any further as Gratz’s seat as PM is now secure with the truth on her opponent coming out. However, Kara still wanted to have another shot at finding who agent Dorian is.

In the morning, Kara called Belova to inform her about Maddy having Angelis’s files. She knew that if SVR could have a chance on MI6 intel, they would send their secret agent, Dorian to get hold of it.

Then, Maddy headed over to the MI6 briefing where Sir Martin Angelis claimed that Adam had been compromised. On the way into the hall, she was stopped by Adam’s friend, Patrick who tried to lie to Maddy to pass him the drive. From there, Maddy knew that Patrick is Dorian, and Kara overheard the conversation.

As revenge, Kara sent a poisoned photograph of her men to kill Patrick.


Not giving up, Maddy attacked Patrick in the throat and rushed into the hall. When Gratz saw Maddy there with the file, she decided to do the right thing. She allowed the contents of the drive to be displayed and explained how Angelis had blackmailed many top people in the country. The whole room, including Angelis, was in shock.

As a result, Angelis was apprehended. Even till the end of the session, Angelis still believed that Adam is agent Dorian, but Maddy revealed the truth about Patrick to tell him that he killed an innocent man. Maddy did not stop there. Seething with anger, she also called Dede and swore to destroy her career for killing Adam. Meanwhile, Kara avenged her men by poisoning Patrick. This time, she made sure he died.

After all the havoc, Kara and Maddy met again. Kara would return to Russia and Maddy went back to the children. When Callum and Ella did not see Adam with Maddy, they immediately knew what had happened. The series ended with the family crying together as they mourn Adam’s death.

Treason is a Netflix mini-series created by Matt Charman. The story revolves around MI6 agent, Adam Lawrence whose life changed after a Russian spy Kara reappeared in his life. The film stars , Olga Kurylenko and Oona Chaplin.

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