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Treason – Episode 4 recap

Scene from Treason Episode 4 to illustrate recap

Treason (Netflix) - Episode 4 Summary & Recap

Location leaked

With news of Adam’s potential betrayal out, Angelis resumed power. Adam was prevented from entering his own office, leaving him no choice but to head over to his ex-wife, Sian’s parent’s house in Surrey. When Angelis discussed Adam’s potential whereabouts with his men, Kara’s bugged tipped her off and she knew exactly where to go.

On the other side of London, Melnikov was killed by Angelis’s man.

Meanwhile, Maddy was losing her mind as she couldn’t find her children. She went over to Dede’s place and listened as they discussed Adam’s last seen location. Maddy too knew where Adam was heading. However, when she got there, Adam did not seem amused. He later on calmed down and promised to tell Maddy the truth of all that has happened.


Adam had to surrender his ID and access to MI6.

Shooting at the lodge

At night when Maddy and Adam were making up and started trusting each other again, a sniper from Angelis’s team arrived to assassinate Adam. Fortunately, Kara arrived to stop Callum from going out and warned Adam and his family. As a last resort to allow Adam to escape, Kara and Maddy got armed and went out to distract the sniper. 

During the process, both women split up and Maddy ended up shooting the snipper when he was about to attack Kara. Kara knocked him over using a car, but he still tried to take his weapon out. As she had to be safe, Maddy shot the man dead.

That very night, Kara, Adam and his family left Surrey. They headed towards Adam’s lawyer, Kit’s home to seek shelter. Adam’s kids were tired and Kara still felt guilty about killing the sniper.

Maddy had to kill the sniper, Barnes, who is one of Angelis's men.

Planning on both ends

As the children rest in Kit’s room, Adam, Maddy, Kara and Kit shared information and came up with a plan to obtain the information on Baku and show Angelis’s true colors. Adam and Kara would try to secure Angelis’s private files as evidence while Maddy would negotiate immunity for Adam once everything comes to light.

Meanwhile, when the news of Adam escaping his house in Surrey reached Angelis, the Control of the MI6 decided to meet up with Dede. He then offered to give Dede his evidence on agent “Dorian” in exchange for Dede putting Adam down. On top of this, Angelis guaranteed Dede that she would not be in trouble.

Angelis was obviously using Dede, and although Dede was thinking for a moment, she eventually agreed.

Angelis met up with Dede to make a deal.

Additional Observations From Episode 4

  • Kit was Sian’s best friend, and therefore loyal to Adam and his family.
  • Angelis was willing to let Kirby win because he wanted to expose Kirby and strengthen the MI6.

Treason is a Netflix mini-series created by Matt Charman. The story revolves around MI6 agent, Adam Lawrence whose life changed after a Russian spy Kara reappeared in his life. The film stars , Olga Kurylenko and Oona Chaplin.

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